Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watch for a new movie coming out!

In case you haven't heard there is a Christian based film coming to theaters in April called Soul Surfer.  It is based on the real life story of Bethany Hamilton.  We are excited in our home because we knew of Bethany Hamilton several years ago.

She is a Christian teen who is was a competitive surfer.  She was rocking the surfing scene with her ability at a young age but gained world wide attention when she lost her arm to a shark attack. She was surfing with friends one day when a shark bit her entire arm off.  She managed to paddle to shore and was rushed to the hospital.  Amazingly she survived the attack.  However, truth be told - that is not the truly amazing part.  She rallied all her strength and courage and decided to surf again.  Now this young teen not only surfs again against great odds - she continues to compete!

If you ever wanted to read or watch a  story to encourage you - this is it!  I have no idea what Hollywood will do with the story but it is claiming to still be a story of great faith.  Here is a quote from a News Anchor required to cover the story.

I left the movie feeling like I can't complain about any small issues in my busy life after seeing what Bethany went through and how she confidently goes on with one less limb. 

Walking out of the theater with my arm around Addy, I felt like we experienced a story that empowered us both, me as a Mom who wants the best for my kids but feels the pain of their struggles and Addy with a new found belief in pursing what you love no matter what curve ball or tiger shark life throws your way.

So, here is my soap box.  JUST FOR A MOMENT!  I promise.

We are a movie-loving family.  We watch them often; both together and separately.  Naturally I am very careful and selective which movies my kids can view.  My oldest daughter gets real tired of me telling her the reasons why she can't watch the new movie her friends are talking about.

In fact I cannot remember the last time we went out to the theaters to watch a newly released movie.  Generally it is safer to wait till it comes out on video so you can preview it before the kids do.  Or sometimes we will allow a questionable movie to be seen if Mom or Dad can fast forward certain scenes.

A great resource for knowing what is good in movies and what isn't is a website called Plugged In (dot) Ca.  It is a part of Focus on the Family and they rate all kinds of movies breaking down the positive and negative components.  They don't just do movies either - TV, games, and music too.  Fabulous site!

I once inquired why Hollywood doesn't make more Christian based films.  I figure there are a lot of believers out there like us that enjoy movie watching.  So why not?

Here is the reason I found:

Because many Christian, bible-believing families do what we do. They don't go to the theaters to watch the movies.  They wait till they are released on video.  I am sure the reasons why vary as much as the individual families do.  But the fact of the matter is this - box office dollars is the only measuring stick that counts!

What a conundrum.

So, I have decided that I need to take a stand.  I want Hollywood to make more Christian or family friendly movies so I need to support the ones they do make.  I have started purchasing Christian movies once they are on DVD.  (Don't get too excited yet - I rent them first and then if there are good I go buy them.)

Now I get a chance to take it one step further.  I am breaking open the piggy bank (ouch!) and loading a van full to go to the theater to watch Soul Surfer.  Shine FM is listing Calgary's release date as April 8th.  Wanna come along?

I found a trailer for you to view in case you hadn't heard about it.

Other great Christian movies we have tried and enjoyed:
No Greater Love
In The Blink of an Eye
Love Comes Softly Series   And here. And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  And here. There are seven so far! P.S.  Walmart in Olds (and maybe other locations) has the Love Come Softly - THREE BOX SET (!!!!!!) in their $10 Movie Madness bin!  I paid close to $20 per movie.
Faith Like Potatoes
Fireproof  There is a new Sherwood Pictures-Kendrick Brothers film coming out.  Trailer here.
Facing the Giants
Narnia Series (no actual Christian content - but allegorical)
One Night With the King
Dial-tone: Who would you call? - not the best movie quality but very thought provoking storyline.
The Way Home - in the movie stores right now.  Very Christian content - they actually pray on the film.  It is based on a true story.  Again, if you are all about quality - this one falls slightly short.  But I can never refuse a true story and a movie that prays openly and without prejudice to the Almighty Lord of Lords on camera!!

I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them just now.

Please let me know if you have found a good movie that carries Christian values or a family friendly film that doesn't resort to the typical Hollywood faux-pas (language, sexuality and violence). Let's do our best to support the film industry when they get it right!


  1. I saw something about "Soul Surfer" just the other day & was wanting to see it. I don't know if I'll be able to make it to theatre this time...but I totally agree with your thoughts of supporting those good movies.
    I loved "The Blind Side" & "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry".

  2. Funny, my wife feels the same way as you do. Of course I support her...