Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Review for Wildwood Creek by Lisa Wingate

When I saw the front cover of Lisa Wingate's newest book I knew I wanted to read it.

I'd always wanted to try out one of Lisa Wingate's books so this looked like the perfect opportunity. However, it turned out nothing like I had expected. This is a hard review for me to write. I never wanted to be the one poor review amidst a slew of positives ... yet here we go.

I did not enjoy this story like I had hoped I would have. The premise attracted me at first.

Cover Art
With love and loss tangled together, how was she to know where her life would lead?
Allie Kirkland has always heard the call of her father's unfinished destiny. When she's offered a production assistant's job on a docudrama filming in the hills near Moses Lake, Texas, the dream of following in her director-father's footsteps suddenly seems within reach. The reenactment of the legendary frontier settlement of Wildwood is a first step into the film industry. A summer on set in the wilderness is a small price to pay for a dream.
But in 1861, the real Wildwood held dangerous realities. Town founder Harland Delavan held helpless residents, including young Irish schoolteacher Bonnie Rose, in an iron grip. Mysterious disappearances led to myths and legends still retold in the region's folk songs. Eventually, the entire site was found abandoned.
When filming begins, strange connections surface between Allie and the teacher who disappeared over a century ago, and everyone in Wildwood--including Blake Fulton, Allie's handsome neighbor on the film set--seems to be hiding secrets. Allie doesn't know whom she can trust. If she can't find the answers in time, history may repeat itself...with the most unthinkable results.

What's not to like about that you ask? I love suspense, romance, western flair and the whole filming plot thread drew me in. However, probably the biggest problem for me was the constant flip between present and past. The main story is about Allie Kirkland but is countered almost equally with a story about Bonnie Rose a young woman from 1861.

Both stories are written well and I loved the first person point of view. However every time the switch was made it jolted me from the story and I felt the overwhelming urge to close the book. It was like dragging myself from page to page. I kept it up, hoping I would settle into the flow. Unfortunately, I didn't.

On the bright side, I enjoyed the characters in the story and there was enough surge to keep me wondering what was next. I truly believe if the chapter changes hadn't been such a jolt, I would have enjoyed either story line immensely.

Unfortunately I did not finish the book, so I can't speak to the ending (and for that I am sorry) but I made it half way. The last straw for me was being almost 200 pages into the story and finding what should have been the first line of the story. The moment that the reader goes, "oh, this might get interesting".  That was where I quit. It was like starting over again and the haul had been too sluggish to re-commit.

It is important to note that the basics of story-telling were there and done well. So for many readers who can enjoy the inter-mixed story lines, the writing is superb.

The plot was interesting; the film industry, the colourful secondary characters, the mysterious cowboy. It was all well done. The historic story of Bonnie Rose was moving and had me cheering for the strong, determined young woman on every page.

The setting was intriguing. I especially loved the basement of the old theater. I felt cold and cramped every time I read those parts. It was amazingly written.

To recap, I didn't enjoy the structure of the teeter-totter stories. It made it difficult to stay invested. Without that aspect I think the story was strong and well written. I urge you to look around and check other reviews of this book, as I have and there are so many lovers out there. Here is one particular review to read from someone who thoroughly enjoyed the book - and finished it!

And despite my disappointment with Wildwood Creek, I will definitely consider reading another book from Lisa Wingate.

Thanks to Bethany House for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Book Review for Fighter by Manafest

"The greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul." David McKay

Christopher Greenwood, aka Manafest, is a Christian rap/rock artist originally from Canada. His loud voice of inspiration is for anyone who has a dream.

Chris' story tells of the pain of his childhood from his father's suicide, the frustrations of his growing up years from not fitting in and into his young adult years of how an injury tossed all his hopes and dreams away. Chris is a fighter and he managed to take the steps necessary to truly make lemonade out of his lemons.

If you have a dream, either one you have never pursued or one that is tainted by failure you should read this inspirational story. Fighter lays out five concrete steps for moving towards your goals and overcoming the emotional tidal waves that often come our way. Chris uses his life story as examples as well as famous quotes, inspiration from the Bible, and the lives of others who inspired him. Each of the chapters defining the five steps also concludes with a journal page for the reader to put down their thoughts. This translates each particular step into action.

I've seen Manafest perform live and gotten a glimpse into Chris' heart for encouragement. He is a very hands-on artist, trying to interact with the teens that file in and out of his concerts. I believe God is using the stage he's placed Chris on to change and mold many lives. His book will be no different. And as of yesterday Chris has entered the world of fatherhood - I am certain more gems are on the way soon. (Congrats Chris and Melanie!)

The book is a very easy read. The language is very simple; I passed the book onto to my kids.

Check it out! Fighter is a powerful reminder that giving up on our dreams isn't an option.

"I don't know about you, but I love books," said Christopher Greenwood aka Manafest in a press release. "I could point to different books in my library and tell you how they've changed my life. With music I only have a few minutes in a song to share my heart and sometimes even less after a show interacting with fans. So with the book 'Fighter,' I thought I could really give my fans more of me - to hear where I've come from, and how I've become a fighter." Taken from an article at Christian Post

Also check out this video of Chris Greenwood talking about his new book.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

I moved a wall!

What kind of walls have you encountered in your life?

Walls come in all shapes and sizes, really. Some are so big we can't see over top of them. Others allow us a peek at where we could be if the wall wasn't in our way. Either way ... walls are frustrating.

I'd reached a wall in writing my latest story. Now, that was nothing new. In fact, it was becoming the norm. Somewhere around 2/3 of the novel I'd hit a wall and - until this time - I'd give up. (Sound familiar? Check out this blog post from Write to Done.)

I remember my first wall. I had written five complete stories. Not that it had been easy but it had definitely been a consistent flow for those early novels. I'd get the story idea. I'd write for two months. Then I was done. 

Then my sixth story was a little different for me. It had come from an idea I'd had in a dream. (Which meant it was a little hazy at times.) I started out good. I wrote steady for a long time until I came to a wall.

An invisible wall.

Do you know what kind of wall that is? 

This picture is of two of my kids when we visited California many years ago. As you can tell from the hats we were at Disneyland. (Actually, if my memory is right, this photo is from California Adventures.)

You can't tell from the photo exactly but my kids are standing flush against a painted wall.

An invisible wall.

A wall where you think you know where you are going but for some (concrete) reason you can't get there. An optical illusion.

Many times my stories have become optical illusions. I know where they are going but I can't seem to get there. I have written more than eleven stories now, but several sit incomplete at that same marker of 2/3 finished. It seems like I hit an invisible wall, change directions and then get way off track.

I need to learn how to move a wall - to push past that place and get back to the good ol' days of finished manuscripts.

I think I may have done it. (I really hope I don't jinx it by celebrating too soon.) For the last two weeks I have been stuck at the place at the wall. I had written up to a point but then felt a hard surface behind the next words. Instead of tossing the story aside and working on another one I decided to sit at the wall for a while. I pushed.  But to no avail. It was immovable.

I prayed.

And then I pushed some more.  This went on for quite awhile, but this time I was determined not to change course. I know writing is hard. I know in my heart those early manuscripts aren't realistic and practical of the the life of a writer. So if I'm serious about this I needed to learn how to move walls.

So I pushed some more.

Last night, when I desperately needed to be sleeping because of my early morning today, I found myself shifting cement.

Just a little.  But I promise you it moved.

I still have a long way to go to get this story finished all the way to THE END. Yet, I can't help celebrate a little today.

Have you ever moved a wall? Tell me about it and be my inspiration.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review of The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry

The Beloved Daughter, an inspirational suspense novel by award-winning author Alana Terry, is a story of persecution and triumph set in the oppressive North Korean regime.

The Beloved Daughter

Synopsis: In a small North Korean village, a young girl struggles to survive. It is her father's faith, not the famine of North Hamyong Province, that most threatens Chung-Cha's well-being. The Beloved Daughter follows Chung-Cha into one of the most notorious prison camps the contemporary free world has known. Her crime? Being the daughter of a Christian.

The Beloved Daughter has won awards from Women of Faith and the Book Club Network. It was also a #1 amazon bestseller in Christian suspense and is the top-rated ebook in several different kindle categories. The Beloved Daughter is available in kindle or paperback. You can also get the audiobook narrated by four-time Audie award-winner Kathy Garver.

My Thoughts: 
This book inspired my heart in a way that no other book has. It is not the kind I typically read, but I'm thankful it came my way anyway. Alana Terry has written a wonderfully gripping and intense story about a young woman's years in a prison camp and her journey of faith through it and beyond it. It challenged my faith and opened my heart to questions I don't often explore.
Her characters are vivid and powerfully written. Her story is easy to follow and pulls you in to the slow but steady drama.
The tension of the violent camp and the persecution written throughout the story was not graphic as I might have thought. Instead it is written through the perception of the main character, in a first person point of view. I enjoyed this format. It made the story alive and vibrant in my mind without being graphic and gory.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in powerful, emotion stories that read as inviting and personal as a biography.

The Beloved Daughter has non-graphic violence and adult situations handled in a PG-13 way. It is not recommended for young teens because of its intensity.

Thank you to the author for a free audio copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  

Order your own copy of The Beloved Daughter.

Alana Terry is getting ready to release her next novel, Slave Again, about a North Korean refugee who escapes prison camp only to get trafficked across the border.

Alana is giving away free copies of her next release to anyone who makes a donation to Liberty in North Korea, an organization dedicated to rescuing refugees who escape North Korea. She's also giving away a mini kobo e-reader and several copies of Slave Again, so be sure to enter the giveaway below!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review of You're Going to be Okay by Holley Gerth

"Encouraging TRUTH your heart needs to hear, especially on the hard days!"

Cover ArtIf your life isn't perfect . . .
If you've ever been disappointed . . .
If you feel stressed or tired . . . 
This is for you.
You really are going to be okay. And it truly is possible to live with joy, resilience, and strength no matter what life brings. Yes, there will be hurt and hard times. But God wants to help you find ways to survive, grow stronger, and even thrive--no matter what happens.

With her trademark positive encouragement and probing questions for self-reflection, bestselling author Holley Gerth encourages you to spend less of your life stressing or regretting and more of your life truly living.

This is the third book from Holley Gerth that I have reviewed and I've loved them all - especially this one!

You're Going To Be Okay is the message my heart needed to hear.

Once again, Holley's style is easy to read, easy to process. It is like sitting across her at a table in a quaint little tea house for the afternoon. Her message to women is timeless and perfect .. no matter where you are now - you are going to be okay.

Does your heart need to hear that?

The book is not a trite answer to the many-faceted problems women face these days - instead it is a hand-held, hug-infested look at how God created us. She covers all aspects of how we process our world and circumstances around us - from the basic brain functions to the ever-complex heart functions.

I would recommend this book to all women of all ages. It is powerful and thought- provoking. It is gentle and inspiring. It is incredible.

The chapters have places to jot down thoughts, fill in the blanks for personalizing the lessons and spaces for written prayers. It is not a 'how-to' book, but rather a 'let's do'. And why not do it together with a group of women you know well with the Go Deeper guide at the back of the book that works like a book study, taking each chapter and diving into God's word and each other's hearts. (Go Deeper section can also be done individually - I did!)

Definitely check out this book! And if you haven't been introduced to Holley yet, be sure to check out her inspiring websites for a daily dose of loving friend! (Holley Gerth and Incourage)

If you want to read more about her previous books, check out my reviews for You're Already Amazing and You're Made for  God-sized Dream.

Blue Background by Rosaura Ochoa and Quote by Holley Gerth

Check out more great images to post and share at

Have a blessed day!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A day late ... but not a penny short!

March is here and as much as I am dying to announce from the roof tops that Spring is also ... that is wishful thinking. It is minus 25 here in Alberta, Canada this morning and we have still a ton of snow.

What I am announcing is that March is Speedbo month!  What is Speedbo, you ask? It is another writing month similar to NaNoWriMo, focusing writers to put their butt in a chair and their fingers atop a keyboard and not look up till the clock strikes midnight on March 31st. Unlike NaNo, Speedbo allows you to set your own goals, big or small, encouraging you to write with purpose and intention.

Check out the fun at Seekville Blog and be sure to comment because that's how you win prizes.

I seriously debated whether I would do it this year. I've been writing on and off but was really in a place of seeking God since the year turned over.  What did God want me writing? When? Why?  And all that jazz!

When the New Year hit I wasn't totally sure what my 2014 goals were. I floundered trying to find my 'word' for 2014. After much prayer and angst I decided that maybe this was a wait and see time for me. I didn't need a word to start out the first day of the Year, as long as I was seeking God and waiting on Him. So I waited.

And waited.

Slowly I began to hear God whispering to me "be present".

As I drove in my car, He'd whisper ... "Be present here. Don`t fuss about all that."

As I washed the dishes or folded the laundry, He'd say ... "Be present here. Don`t try so hard to sort it all out."

I am a slow learner, but I started to catch onto a theme - God wanted me to live in the moment he'd given me. My every waking second didn't need to be in preparation for the next one. That maybe it was time for me to have a year of moments.

I was reminded about the saying I have seen from time to time that 'Life isn't measured by the breaths we take ... but by the moments that take our breath away'.

So when it came time to sign up for Seekerville's Speedbo, I immediately started this internal dialogue that 'that's not taking moment by moment'; 'that's not waiting on God'; so I guess it`s not for me this year.

But here I am a day into March, sending off my email to join the group for writing mayhem throughout the rest of the month. Why?

Because sometimes God whispers to us 'wait' and sometimes He whispers to us 'now' - almost like we're in a race where timing is more important that speed. So March this year is about timing for me - not speed. I am not in a race against myself or anyone else to write a novel in a month, or write 25,000 words in a month or even to plot out a single scene in a month. I am in a race of timing - being sensitive to His whispers and being in each and every moment fully awaiting his nudge that now is the time to run!

So, anyone wanna run, wait, dream, write, hope or listen with me?