Friday, July 15, 2011

How extravagant are you?

I am not supposed to be working on my blog right now.  I leave tomorrow for a summer bible camp where I am the speaker.  I am way behind on preparing and yet ... here I sit typing into my blog.  Don't tell my husband, please.

I could not let pass this thought in my head.  I am studying for the talks I will be giving and my spirit is reminded of His great love.

Not that I ever really forget His love for me, but I definitely forget to think upon it.  To ponder it.  To let it saturate my soul.  That is where I find myself tonight.

I have not had much time to prepare this post so I hope that it comes straight from my inner heart - my life line to the Savior. The bible lesson that corresponds to my second day at camp is the woman who poured out her love on Jesus from an alabaster jar.  The point I am driving home for the youngsters at camp is

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keep an eye on the storm.

I live in Sundre, Alberta.  A beautiful little haven nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  In fact if you drive west of my house you will not find anymore towns or cities you will only find wilderness and beauty.

I love where I live.  I have only been here three years but I hope to stay a very long time.

Yesterday we had a tornado touch down.

I have a funny - or not so funny tale to tell you.

I have had a very full and busy week.  Nearly every moment has been dictated by a never-ending to-do list.  At the top of that to-do list was a priority item that unfortunately needed a huge block of time.  A commodity that was in short supply this week.  So after lunch on Thursday I told my family I am barricading myself in my room and not coming our until my priority item was complete. And that is precisely what I did.

I ventured out only a few times for a drink or snack or a washroom break.  Oh, and a few trips to end squabbles and direct traffic with my three bored children.  On a couple of those trips out of my room I found my kids on the patio watching the incredible storm we were having.  The hail pounded on our home.  The rain beat against the windows.  Of course, the thunder and lightening gave an impressive show as well.  However I

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little fish in a great big Sea

I watched a movie last night - not a movie I will NOT add to my family friendly movie list for sure.  It had a very interesting but dark story line.  Towards the beginning of the story the main character quotes Mahatma Gandhi.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.
The story goes on to follow a young couple tragically bruised from their past trying to make a future together.  Then at the end of the movie there is a very unexpected turn.  The main character that you have followed for nearly two hours.  You have watched him stumble brutally through his sad and depressing life to finally find a glimmer of light.  That moment where he wakes with a smile and finally thinks he may have hope to face a new day.  At that moment he wakes early one morning to meet his father at his office - the father he has hated and despised for years, but who has finally given his son a reason to hope for a renewed relationship.  His father is running late so the main character decides to wait in his office for him.  Then the screenwriters

Friday, July 1, 2011

Whoa there Nellie!

It is time to slow down.  Time to smell the flowers and rest in the glorious gift of Peace from the Lord.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  I am.  Summer is finally here.  My kids finished school two days ago.  The sun is shining (hopefully for awhile).  Life is good.  So then why do I feel run down and overused?

I told my sister the other day I feel like a turtle who has lost her shell.  Exposed.  Fumbling.  Out of sync.  I want to hide but there is no where to go.  My house is now full of two teenagers and a preteen all vying for space and attention.  Not to mention the fictional characters that have taken up residence in my head.  I can't even have a peaceful shower!

I came across a fellow believers site taking about this very same thing.  She called it Warning Signs.  As I read through her post I realized that I know the things that restore my balance and bring my rest - but I wait till I am hanging off my cliff before I do them. Why is that?

I commented on her blog of how taking a walk down my country road where barely anyone travels, with my iPod playing Christian music in my ears, is the medicine to my ailments.  But, now ask me how often I take the time to do that?

No, never mind.  Don't ask me that.  The answer is depressing.

Why do I do this?  Am I the only one?  I see so many other