Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just when I thought I made some headway ...

Hello folks,

For those of you who read my 'Is anyone out there afraid of the dark?' post - here is another point of view to consider.  Possibly.

A found a post today by a well-known Christian agent, Steve Laube.  It is titled, God gave me this blog post.  It is about how often the publishing world hears the phrase, "God told me to write this ...".  Check it out if you are interested.

If that doesn't convince you, why not try Rachelle Gardner, another Christian agent I have referred to before. She has her own slant on what makes an agent cringe and shake violently.  God told me to write this blog.

I have decided just in case someone of publishing importance shall find my meager blog that I will recant my "I didn't write this - God did" stance and join the legions of believing and aspiring authors out there.

Instead I will say ...

I wrote these pieces of fiction but God inspired me to try.

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  1. Hmmmm...I've definitely never taken it that way Jodi...but I also have the advantage of knowing you:) I can see how someone who doesn't know you personally could take it that way.