Monday, June 6, 2011

Please welcome a special guest

In our home there is more than one writer.  In fact long before I ever took pen to paper, one of my daughters dreamed of being an author.  She has nurtured her love of writing lots over the years and continues to put forth many items.

Two years ago she had a poem entered into a contest and it was published.  I will post that on a different day.  Today she has given me permission to show you a short story she wrote at school one day when she was supposed to be journaling.

(The only liberties I have taken in transcribing this is spelling errors.)

May I present "The Duck Dream" By Kendra Janz.

"Wake up, Ben.  Wake up."  My eye lids slowly opened to a field with a playground in the middle of it.  Someone was shaking me and yelling at me to wake up.  Sleepily I sat up and looked at the person who was screaming at me.  He was a stranger yet I could tell we were friends for a long time.  He had short dark, brown hair, sea blue eyes which seemed to good to be true.  I frowned. How did I know his name?

"Sam,"  I started.  "Where are we?"

He giggled and pointed to a sign that read: Chicago Train Park. Chicago, how did I get here?

"Ben, let's go on the Train."  Sam yelled excitedly.  So we went to the Train Pick Up.  When the blue and yellow train finally came, the man driving it told us that we needed to find his duck before we get a ride.

Sam and I looked for it at the Pound with no success.  We decided to go back to the playground to take a rest.  On the way to the Jungle Gym I heard someone yelling for help.  I went to check it out.  When I got there a duck was the only thing there.

"What are you yelling about?"  I asked the duck.

"Can you understand me?"  Asked the duck.

"Yes," I answered.

"Then you are one of us!"  After he said that, he turned into a human.

"I'm Super Hero Duckie, code name Rubber Duck.  You're a Hero Duck too!  Now let's fly!"

As he said it we both turned into ducks and took off.  Some more ducks joined us, and we all yelled "Super Ducks!"

Then I woke up in a park in Chicago.

The End.


  1. Awesome Kendra !! I loved the way you described I could picture it in my mind ! Thanks for sharing your story with us ! Will we get to hear more about the adventures of Super Ducks ? I sure hope so :)

    Auntie Kristi

  2. When you get your own book written, let us know.

  3. Kendra says:
    "That makes me feel really good." :D

  4. Hey kendra—I would love to hear more of your stories—great imagination and with humor included. luv grandma l