Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can you help me decide?

I am entering another contest.  This one I join simply because it is fun and challenging.  I have no preconceived notions of winning anything.  All I want is the time away to write.  I participated in it last year and can't wait to do it again.

It is called the 3-Day Novel contest.  And it is simply who can write the best novel in three days.  And yes, there are actually people all around the world that think this is fun.  I am one of them.

Last year I wrote a story about a small town cop who discovers a mysterious woman moving into his town and even into his family. It is a comedy, a love story and a mystery.  Unfortunately on the last day I decided I wouldn't be able to complete the work with all the interwoven subplots in it - due to time.  So I spend three hours on the last afternoon deleting entire sections of the manuscript.  I closed the story off but it was VERY short. Most of my stories come in over 80,000 words.  This one was a dismal 37,000.  But I had fun.

I know where I went wrong though.
I promised myself I wouldn't go crazy - staying up all night, skipping meals and whatnot.  And I didn't.  I took a walk with my mom.  I joined her and her husband for almost every meal.  I had a nap.  I babysat my niece so my mom could go to church and I visited with my brother for an extended period.  And I did write a lot, but not enough to consider it a completed project.

So, this year I plan to write, write, write and write some more. However I may still take a walk and a nap.  Either way it is 72 hours to write.  I can't wait.

No kids interrupting.  No husband wanting to chat.  No phone ringing.  No classes to teach,  And I'm sure there will be no niece to babysit either.

So, my biggest challenge now is to decide which story to write.  I thought it might be fun to see what you thought.  I will list a few that I have brewing and you can place a vote for the one you would like to see completed.  If I pick yours, I may even consider letting you read it.  There is no preferential order to this list.

1.  A historical story that takes place in the Arabian desert.  It is a story about an ancient prophecy and will mirror the biblical story of the flood and the redemption of a wicked people.  Main characters are Gildan and Nazara.  I do not know the song for this one yet.

2.  A story about a twenty-something gal who has given up on life. Her attempts at suicide are thwarted and she is forced to embrace a whole new perspective on life.  She meets a group of college age Christians who try to teach her who she should put her trust in.  Unfortunately she is a slow learner.  Main characters are Adam and Marabelle.  The song is Everything I Need by Kutless.

3.  A story about a woman trying desperately to move away from the tainted image of being a divorced christian.  There is no one in her life that hasn't left her at some point but she refuses to give up on her God.  Only he doesn't seem to want to help her out much. Eventually she thinks God will come through for her when he provides a whole new life for her and her kids on a ranch she inherits.  However where is God when her life and her kids' lives are threatened by a local who doesn't like outsiders.  Susanna and Zane are the main characters.  I got this story one night after seeing a man in a Dairy Queen.  I do not know the song for this one yet.

4.  Janine is a woman in her late twenties, successful, happy and active in her church.  However a pastor reveals an area in her perfect life that she may have overlooked.  This forces her to reach outside of her safe suburban neighbourhood.  Outside of her stained glass church building.  And even outside of her well polished (but fake) past.  Are we really all the same under the blood of Christ?  Janine and Becky are the main characters.  The song I think will fit is You are More by Tenth Avenue North.

5.  What the heart sees sometimes the eyes cannot.  A story about a young woman trying to hide from the ugliest scars of her life while a man attempts to find what is underneath it all.  A story of redemption, renewal and rebirth with a little rodeo fun thrown in.  The main characters are PJ and Scott.  I have a couple of potential songs for this one.  I will have to wait to see how the story will unfold better.

6.  A story about a woman in her late thirties who steps outside of her quiet rural life for a moment to travel to visit a family member. However, everything falls apart as she finds herself mixed up in a high-tech, fast-paced world of good versus evil.  It is a cross-country race to find the truth no matter who gets hurt.  Yet, God is never lost in the scramble - He is orchestrating every step. Sometimes the truth is not what we expected.  Greg and Regina are the main characters.  The song is Hold Me Jesus by Big Daddy Weave.

I have more stories but that is probably enough to spark your interest.  Help me decide what to spend my magnificent weekend away on.  Leave me a comment about which one perks your interest and you would like to see in print.


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