Monday, December 5, 2011

Sing unto Him a new song

We are doing a study at our church about discovering your life's vision or dream, giving to you by God.  (Check out this post for more information.  Or visit Chazown for yourself.)

As part of the process we took a test to determine our spiritual gifts.  I was amazed.  What I thought would be on my list wasn't and instead ones I never would have guessed were.

For example I rated quite high for music.  I would never list music as my spiritual gifting - either would the poor soul standing in front of me in the pews.  I love to sing but I can't do it well.  At all.  I once told a musically gifted woman that and she smiled and said 'you could learn to'.  So, I told her the story of when I joined a kids choir as a youngster.  This is no lie; the sweet choir director, a close friend of my family, pulled me aside after a few sessions and gently suggested I find another hobby.

I also taught preschool for years.  I loved teaching the kids new songs, but the best part was the look on the parent helper's face when I started to sing it for the kids.  Funny how little people never care if you are in tune or not.  It just makes them sing freer, I think. (I hope.)

The interesting part is that music is very important to me.  There is always some playing in my home and in my vehicle.  I wake up in the morning with songs on my mind.  Music speaks deeper into my soul than words or art or anything.  However it is such a personal, almost private thing, that most people who know me very well may not even know how important it is in my life.  I can't think of a single person who would say it was one of my spiritual gifts.

But God would.  He has laid on my heart an insatiable need to sing worship songs to Him.  I do it all the time - day or night - a song is always on my lips for Him.  So it seems no stretch that my stories are so inter-woven with lyrics and music too. (And my blog too!)

Do you love to worship?  How important is music in your life? Is it one of your gifts?  Let's together sing a new song of praise.

This is a video from Leeland - a contemporary Christian band who has chosen a new way to praise and worship.  This is not the kind of video you need to watch if you don't want to.  You can do what I did - turn your speakers up and go finish your dishes.  But don't forget to sing ...


  1. Jodi, I think it's wonderful that the Lord revealed music as one of your gifts. Like you, I had a choir teacher early in life criticize me, and I've doubted my ability to sing ever since. I think it's important not to let our experiences keep us from worshiping the Lord in song. I'd listen to the woman at your church who said you can learn. Wise counsel. The Lord gave you the love of music and your voice. He can use both for His glory, but you have to be willing to let Him. I hope you step out in faith so He can show you what He do through you.

  2. I too had someone criticize me about my singing when I was younger...and although I've forgiven them & even talked with them about's really hard to fully let it go. I am to the point now that I will sing out in church without wondering if anyone hears...and even leading Kid's Rock I'm OK with (parent night is nerve wracking though!). I think it's been a process of God reminding me (OFTEN) that I'm not singing for those around me. You still won't catch me singing up front though:) least not unless God tells me something different:)

  3. Just listened to the it!...and what he says at the beginning fits perfectly with what we've been hearing the last couple Sundays!