Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stand firm

The other day my teen daughter and I went to the city to do some shopping.  We finished sooner than we expected so decided on the spur of the moment to go to a movie.  We like the cheap theatre that plays the older movies - especially since it is very rare to get to see any movies in the theatre.   We checked over the list and then chose The Lucky One - a rendition of the Nicholas Sparks novel.

Usually I do not go willy-nilly to the movies without doing some homework first.  No one (especially me) wants to be caught surprised in the theatre - with their child.  So typically a visit to is always my first stop.  However, this last minute decision lefts us enough time to drive to the theatre and purchase a ticket before the movie began.  So I used my mommy sense to make the best decision I could.

  • It was rated PG-13
  • My daughter told me the synopsis from the previews
  • We'd watched The Last Song, Dear John, A Walk to Remember together
  • Lastly, my daughter is almost 17
Based on those we went in.

If you've already seen this movie you might want to disagree with me or disregard my thoughts.  However, if you haven't yet let me be your WARNING.  This is NOT appropriate  - even for an almost 17 year old.

The story line itself is a beautiful and moving plot.  I probably would have enjoyed the book if I'd read it first.  My warning comes from the sexual content included in the film.  My daughter found it uncomfortable to watch and I found it completely inappropriate for her age.  Yet the movies claims to be alright for 13 year olds.

Now, I know my standards are significantly different than Hollywood's.  I am always a little prepared for that. Yet, this one I could not prepare myself (or my daughter) for.  I can only say my opinion and I found the sexual content more of a 'how-to' than a moving love scene.  I would recommend the scenes not appropriate for anyone not married and even those married who wish to keep a pure mindset.  Way too graphic for PG-13.

You could check out pluggedin's review on The Lucky One here.

So in light of this error in judgement I would like to offer a reminder to stand firm to parents who are trying hard to allow their kids to be in this world but not of it.  Here is a lyric video from Kutless for their song Stand.  I especially love the ending.  Try to last till the end to hear it ... it is beautiful.

Have you had to stand firm for your kids lately?  I would love to hear your stories to encourage me.

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  1. I read the book and did not like it. The abusive ex-husband and the glorified fornication really upset me because this author claims to be a christian.

    Thanks for your honest opinion about this movie, which I haven't seen. We need to stand up for God's ways of purity and respect even if that means going against popular opinions.

    God bless