Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Review – After The Cross By Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr

Fantastic story line for history lovers!  For Christian fiction lovers! For anyone!

ATCFrontCover2.jpgThe premise for this action packed story begins when an ancient letter is uncovered describing the hidden location of the actual cross Jesus Christ was crucified upon. A couple of archaeologists attempt to uncover the location while being pursued and threatened by many others - all with their own agendas for the cross.  The story is compelling and leaves you wondering right till the end if they will complete their mission.

Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr, who co-wrote the story, have created many likeable characters that move the story forward. The depth of the cast is profound and involved. I enjoyed spending time with the two main characters and wished even for a little more time - developing their lives and their motivations beyond the present day.  The many supporting characters are unique and presented well.  For my personal taste, I found the cast a little difficult to keep track of at times, mostly from the foreign names.  Overall though, this did not hinder my enjoyment of the story.

The history in the story is rich and vibrant and enhances the fascinating plot.  I am not a history major or enthusiast, so I cannot verify the accuracy of the historical data.  However, I felt as a reader, the story’s flow through history felt alive and authentic. There are time jumps in the story from present day to the time of Christ and even including visits to early-century Jerusalem.  The authors are consistent at giving date and place prompts before each change which was very helpful.  The transitions were not distracting in my opinion.

After The Cross is different from the typical genre I choose, however I am glad for trying it.  It could be compared to a 'Da Vinci Code' style mystery with action, suspense, intrigue and even a little romance thrown in.  I was very impressed with the creative plot and twists that kept me reading.

I recommend this book to action/history lovers abroad.  If that is not your taste, I suggest you give it a try anyway.

I had the opportunity to catch up with the author, Mike Lynch.  He has some great thoughts and ideas about his book and I will post our interview next.  In the mean time, here are a few links you might be interested in:

Biography:  Mike Lynch's first book, Dublin, came out in 2007, followed by When the Sky FellAmerican MidnightThe Crystal Portal, and After the Cross. His next novel, Love’s Second Chance, is scheduled to be released by Ellechor Publishing in 2013. He has also published numerous short stories in various magazines. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.
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After the Cross is also available on Nook & Kindle

This novel was provided to me by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  I am not required to review it positively.

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