Saturday, February 9, 2013

"None of us are free if one of us is enslaved"

Our ladies bible study is collecting diapers, blankets and cash for a Christian organization that rescues babies abandoned at local dumps in Nairobi. Can you imagine the place of desperation you'd have to be in to leave a baby at a dump? I realized I have no real idea what other mothers around the world have to deal with.  I worry about my kids getting cavities.

I also felt the same conviction while reading A Year of Biblical Womanhood recently.  I know about a few issues going on around the world because they are in the news.  What other issues am I missing? Personally, I need to become more aware of global issues and social justice.  The author of the above named book, spent the month of July in her experiment to focus on fair-trade products, the inequality of women worldwide and a trip to Bolivia with World Vision.  (Chapter 10, A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans.) 

If you haven`t read this book yet, you need to.  But if nothing else, borrow it from a friend, or your local library and read this chapter.  It is eye-opening.

I mean, my family gives money to Samaritan`s Purse and World Vision and Compassion Canada.  We also support an organization that helps women find meaningful skills to run a business in Africa.  But even with all that I still have no idea what some women and girls are really facing around the world.  And truthfully, I can't
possibly even crack the surface with a simple blog post.  So I won`t even try.

Instead I hope anyone reading this will add a comment at the bottom linking us all to an organization you know of that fights for women`s rights, social justice issues and rescuing children from poverty, pain or prostitution.  I would like to broaden my understanding.  Thanks.

What I am going to do today is introduce you to movie coming to theaters April 12th, titled Not Today.  Check out

Here`s some information about the movie.  Not Today:
  • is the first feature-length, faith-based film to tackle human trafficking, a global disease. Producer Brent Martz said. “It’s entertainment, yes. But entertainment with world-changing purpose.”
  • is produced by Friends Media, an arm of Friends Church of Yorba Linda, Calif., where Martz heads creative ministries.
  • stars Cody Longo as a young, rich Southern Californian who heads to India to party but is brought deep into the plight of a young Dalit ("untouchables") sold into slavery right before his eyes.
  • also includes actor John Schneider  of OCTOBER BABY, Smallville, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Shari Rigby of OCTOBER BABY, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Visit the website here.  I had some trouble accessing the trailer so I have posted it here to make it easier for you. 

Did you Know (because I didn't) that:

  • An estimated 27 million people worldwide are in forced labor including sexual exploitation as a result of trafficking. SOURCE: U.N. Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking
  • Profits from all trafficked forced labor: estimated $31.6 billion/year. SOURCE: U.N. Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking
India’s Dalit population is among the world’s most vulnerable to the global industry in human abuse:
  • More than 1.2 million children in India are trapped in human trafficking as child prostitutes. SOURCE: National Underground Railroad Freedom Center India Conference
“For centuries Dalits, the ‘lowest of the low,’ have grown up believing they are less than animals,” said Matthew Cork, NOT TODAY executive producer and lead pastor of Friends Church. “Christianity tells them they are made in the image of God.”

Using education to lift Dalit lives and prospects, Friends Church has committed $20 million to build 200 of 1,000 proposed schools for Dalit children in the coming decade. Friends already has funded more than 40 of the current 107 schools.
 Profits from the movie NOT TODAY will go toward building schools and freeing children. 

Go watch it!  April 12, 213 Playing in select theaters across United States - not sure about Canada :(

Don't forget to leave me a comment with a link to an organization aimed at social justice issues.  Thanks.


  1. Lots of food for thought in this post! Thanks for reminding us. And what a profound quote you have in the title!

  2. Don't have a link for you, sorry...but I would propose another movie night! Maybe something sooner too? Miss chatting with you:)