Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What does love do in your home?

Back in June of 2012 I wrote a book review on Love Does by Bob Goff. That book had an extreme impact on me. It has given me a new set of "rose-coloured" glasses, if you will.  I have tried to look at things from a bigger, grander perspective than before. I wish I could say my entire life is different because of that change in perspective but I am a card-carrying "baby steps" kinda of gal.

In May of this year I had the privilege of hearing Bob speak in person. He challenged me again (another baby step). He shared with the audience incredible stories and heart-tugging challenges but I remember one in particular.

He said to "hold people close" because "you will win everything in the end". He coupled that with an amazing story that I can't possibly go into here about a young boy he adopted. But the bottom line for me was that you have no idea the impact you could have on a person's life if you are just open and willing ... to do. Because Love Does.

Recently in music news Brandon Heath came out with a song and a video that exemplifies that very concept. It is titled Love Does and Bob Goff has his fingerprint on that one too.

Here is the video link for the official video of Love Does by Brandon Heath. Here is the link for the lyric video of Love Does.

The reason this had such an impact on me is one area in my life that I felt the tug to do more was with our three extra kids we have through child sponsorship. Each of my biological kids have a sponsored child in need, somewhere in the world that matches their age and birthday.

When my kids were younger we sent letters, photos, coloring pages and stickers (in addition to the financial assistance) to our adopted kids. Wealso kept all the letters and photos that are sent back to us as well.

However as my kids got older, life got busier and the letters and gifts to our sponsor kids dwindled. We faithful send our money every month but we've neglected to give of our time.

Isn't that such a North American ailment? It is too easy to open our wallets and not our hearts.

Bob also spoke about True North. He talked about the difference between True North and magnetic north. It is so easy to get off course.  At first it is one fraction of an inch - the slightest change that is almost imperceptible. But as time and distance add up we find ourselves out in the middle of a giant ocean drastically far from the place we were sailing to.

My goal was to impact and change a young child's life. But it was also important to me to teach my kids to look outside themselves and see the bigger picture. As my magnetic north of a busy life took me off course of my goal I see how I have failed to reach it. I have allowed my sponsor kids to live without a constant flow of love and encouragement. And I have shown my own kids that my life - and its hiccups - value higher than a single child's heart.

Where have you gone off course lately?  Is it just a step or are you miles from where you intended to be.
Call out to God, refocus your eyes on Him and ... as Bob suggests, hold people close!

Because Love does.

If you want to learn more about the children around the world trapped in poverty, disease and social injustice please check out the links below. If you know of any others please add the information in the comments section. Let's change lives.

Food For The Hungry
World Vision

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  1. Thanks for this reminder Jodi! About a year ago I was thinking about this a lot as we started to have a lot of opportunity to impact some kids' lives. I've found through the year though that my passion to do that has dwindled. Thank you for the encouragement to refocus!