Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Review of Love Comes Calling by Siri Mitchell

What a wild, fun ride for readers who love humor, history and endearing, captivating characters.

Publisher's Blurb:
Cover ArtA girl with the best of intentions. A heart set on Hollywood. An empty pocketbook.
That's all it takes for Ellis Eton to find herself working as a telephone operator for a look-alike friend. For Ellis, this job will provide not only acting practice but the funds to get her a start in the movies. She's tired of always being a disappointment to her traditional Boston family, and though she can't deny the way he makes her head spin, she knows she's not good enough for Griffin Phillips, either. It's simple: avoid Griff's attentions, work, and get paid. But in typical Ellis fashion, her simple plan spirals out of control when she overhears a menacing phone call...with her very own Griff as the target.
With an endearing heroine as her lead, Siri Mitchell takes readers on a madcap tale of love and discovering one's true desires!

This is my first read from Siri L Mitchell. It was a wonderfully fun read - like taking a trip down the rabbit hole on the heels of Alice in Wonderland. The characters were lively and fun; especially the main heroine, Ellis Eton. Mitchell writes her in first person point of view and brings the reader right into the crazy and roller-coaster-ed thoughts of this undoubtedly ADD character. It was at times dizzy-ing to keep up but I felt that Siri Mitchell did an excellent job of bringing a balance back to the reader.

The story was
intriguing to follow the mystery that Ellis must solve. It brought her into the underworld of the prohibition. I found the setting and context very interesting and fun to read. The suspense is not edge of your seat but the crazy antics of the heroine will keep you turning pages to find out what she will do next.

A fun, light read. However some might find the scattered thoughts of the heroine distracting. I definitely recommend this book but suggest you try a sample chapter if you are unsure about the character's flightiness. I knew from the first few pages I would love the first-person account of this character. (Amazon has an inside look of the first chapter. Other sites might as well.)

Thanks to Bethany House and Baker Publishing for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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