Friday, July 11, 2014

I dare to believe in incredible things!

A group from our youth are in Mexico on a missions trip to offer help to an orphanage and assist with running a summer VBS.

The day they left our little town and headed off into the somewhat "unknown" I heard a song on the radio. It was such a powerful message I had to check it out further. So at home I investigated (er, uh I mean "googled").

Here is the video (AWESOME VIDEO) I found.

On a blog our Youth Pastor is using to keep us in the loop, he talks about an experience that hopefully taught those young men and women about being a part of the impossible. I will recap his thoughts here but please feel free to visit and read for yourself. MCYGMissions

Before leaving on the missions trip the youth group studied the life and thoughts of George Mueller. The Youth learned
of many of his examples of praying in faith for God to provide when they had nothing. So, in that context when the youth arrived at the orphanage to paint sealant on the leaky roof one day it was raining. The director/owner of the home told the youth about a time when they too had no food and toilet paper - and no money. So the family prayed and as they finished their amens a car rolled into the yard with some donations. 

So, the youth gathered all together in the little living room of the orphanage in a circle and started to pray. They prayed that the rain would stop so the crew could paint the roof.

Do I need to continue?

Do you believe in incredible things? Miracles? The mighty hand of God moving in love and mercy for His children?

What impossible thing is in your life that seems unfixable? Insurmountable? Absolutely and utterly impossible? 

We serve The God of the impossible.

You don't have to go to Mexico or anywhere different today. Just gather in your living room, on your knees and pray for that impossible thing - then go. GO!

I know I have fears and hidden desires I often feel can't be fulfilled. Yet, today ... because of the faith of saints of old and even a group of eleven young saints - I dare to believe in incredible things!  

You can too.

(Oh, and by the way - the rain stopped and they got the roof painted! Praise be to God!)


  1. I love it when you post song videos! They almost always become one of my favorite songs:). Heading to itunes to get this one!!

    1. I'm glad you like this one. I will post more I promise. stay tuned!