Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Review of Get To Me by Lara Van Hulzen

Aimee can identify a killer.
Dane can keep her safe.
But is he willing to face his past to do it?

When Aimee Jansenn stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad she comes face to face with a killer. As the only witness to a crime, she falls into a deadly situation and is in need of police protection.
Dane Scott has sworn off women. Until a fireball named Aimee enters his world. Telling himself they’re just friends, he vows to protect her. Can his heart follow suit or will she change his mind about love for good?

Book Two in the Men of Honor Series, titled Get To Me was so much fun. Lara Van Hulzen's characters were so much fun to follow around and it was hard to close the book. It all revved up quickly in a fiery fun first chapter. If you can make to the end of page 18 you are hooked. I was.

Get To Me brings out the stories behind Dane and Aimee. Dane is the cop partner to Ben from story one. Aimee is the sister to Tess from story one as well.  However, that's all the connection necessary to book one. From there on Get To Me can stand alone.

The romance is more intense in this story. And a tad spicier too. That may be more due to the personalities in the story. Aimee is a red head full of life. In fact, she is described by Dane as "sunrise mixed with fire". Her spunk leaps off of every page. Dane seemed a cool, levelheaded, take life a step at a time kind of guy in book one. But apparently he isn’t when he has feelings for a woman. And he definitely has strong feelings for Aimee.

Lara Van Hulzen has a talent. I couldn't put my finger on it fully in book one but it was there page after page again in book two. I'm still struggling to put words to it. For book one, Remember Me, I worded it like this:
"The suspense plot of the story takes a bit to get going, but I never felt bored or impatient. There was a lot to sort out between the two characters and the author did a great job of keeping the story entertaining. Once the suspense plot of the story gets into action, the reader is in for a ride." Book Review of Remember Me
Get To Me dives head strong into the action thread of the plot by chapter 3. From there on the story is moving along a white water ride to the end. Yet Van Hulzen has a knack for slowing everything down just enough to develop the characters and their inner stories. I think that is a writing gift. Anytime you slow down the plot you risk losing your reader. But she never lost me. Not once!

As the story charges to the end, a new character is introduced. Keith, is Dane's brother. Massive in size and  also in "broodiness", he enters the story and immediately sparks fly between him and Torie, Aimee's roommate and friend. Excellent set up for book 3!

Overall, the story is alive and vibrant with bright, interesting characters. The tension is strong with suspense and romance. Again, as in book one, I felt the ending came abruptly with a quick resolution leaving me feeling a little jolted. However the ending is good; realistic and entertaining. Obviously this is not by mistake and more of the stylistic voice of the author.

I'm looking forward to book three (I think it's titled Rescue Me) to be released later this year I believe. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, check out Lara's website, her goodreads author page and her book! You can get it off her site, or by visiting amazon(.ca), amazon(.com) or Barnes and Noble.

A Great Summer Read!

Thanks to the author for a free copy of her book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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