Thursday, February 24, 2011

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I hope you are enjoying the story so far.  I am certainly entertained while I write it.  If you are anticipating the next page you will need to check back tomorrow at around 5 pm.  That is when the next page will be added.

Instead today I felt prompted to write about something else.  For those who are new or perhaps haven't read all the information on this site I want to talk for a moment about where these ideas come form.  If you aren't new ... or you have read everything I've posted I hope you still find it interesting.  It still amazes me and I have known all this for over a year now.

Yesterday, as I woke up in the morning still recovering from the flu my mind gravitated instantly to an image of a young woman. She was covering her face with her dark auburn hair.  It took only a second before I realized what was happening as a young man walked over to her to talk.  He reached out his hand towards her offering a photograph.  She was reluctant to take it.  He lowered himself to her level, as she sat on a wood stump.  "Please," he begged.  "Your Uncle knows who she is but he won't tell me."  She glanced up at him through her long tufts of hair.  "Please, just take a look.  Tell me if you know who she is."  He said.

Need I remind you that this is all taking place in my head just as I am waking up.  Once I got up and started moving, so did they.  All kinds of adventures started to unfold in my mind as I went about my morning getting my kids off to school.  Once my three kids climbed on the bus, I crawled back into bed in hopes of removing the fog in my head and the aches in my body.

However the sleep helped my flu symptoms, it did not deter the young couple now firmly planted within my mind.  Scott, is a college student.  He is eager for life but always trying to outdo the last thing he did.  Bigger and better are his comfortable companions.  He is forever on a search rarely finding what he is truly wanting.

He stumbles across a girl that he never gets to meet as he is visiting a rodeo in a new location.  He manages to snap a picture of her before she fades out of sight. Only his picture is obscured slightly.  She turned her head at the moment of the camera's click and her face is not clearly visible.  All he has is a photo of  her long flowing honey hair and a memory of a face he swears he will never forget.

PJ is a young woman who had life by the horns until a tragic accident took her father, her future and half of her face.  Now she lives behind a veil of hair to hide the pain the scars do not show. She has developed a happy sense of normal now until one day a young ambitious man enters her sleepy town looking for a woman that no one wants to remember.

Are you enticed?  Well, let me tell you as I slaved over my financial records for my business taxes the two of them had quite a story to tell.  It is still playing itself out in my head today.  I am anxious to know what happens to these two young folks.  How will God invest His truth in their lives?  How will they come to know the life He has planned for them?  Will they taste and know that God is good?

It still amazes me how these things happen to me!  And why me? I did not plan this for my life.  I never dreamed of becoming an author.  Yet, for some reason God has chosen me for this.  I have no idea where He plans to take this or how far reaching it will become.  For now, I am content to type.  (And type fast just to keep up with the plentiful bounty of life stories He is giving me.)

By the way this one you won't see for awhile.  It is story number 23.  Anyone a faster typer than me out there????

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  1. Wow Jodi. It's so cool to hear about how God is sharing these stories with you! I can't imagine how you keep them all straight:) But I guess if He's going to give them to you He'll bring up the right details for the right story at the right time!