Saturday, September 3, 2011

What have you done for me lately?

Do you remember that Janet Jackson song of the 80's?  I do because I had to choreograph a gymnastics routine to it.  It stuck in my head I guess.  If you don't know it - I am NOT recommending you should look it up.

Instead that question popped into my head in regards to my relationship to God.  What have I done for HIM lately?  When I was at Southridge Bible Camp this summer I was reminded that in my normal routines I do not do much for God.  I mean, I know the verse Colossians 3:23,
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 
And I have always been a big fan of encouraging moms that they can honor the Lord when they clean their house, change dirty diapers or EVEN scrub the toilet.  It is all in the attitude.  I have got that part.

But I am talking about something deeper than that.  When you are doing
those things for your family and ultimately for God are you worshipping Him in it?  And even more challenging than that are you undignified in your worship?

I wish I was.

Undignified, you ask?  Isn't that a spelling error?


Second Samuel 6:22 tells us that David wanted to become even MORE undignified.  And who doesn't want to live a passionate life like David did?  The man after God's own heart.  I know he made mistakes.  They were big ones.  Monumental ones.  His sins even affected an entire nation.  My sins may not be that big - but they are plenty big enough.  They change my life and impact the lives of those closest to me.  So on that level David and I are the same. However we are drastically different in our ability to lay it all down, not caring what others think and worship the Lord.

I am not standing on my soap box calling for dancing in the aisles and all out chaos in our worship services - however it probably never hurt anyone.  I did do a conga line in my sister-in-law's church once.
She may be horrified that I'm telling you but it was incredibly freeing to do it - especially when no one knew who I was. However I was not alone folks. It was not lone Jodi out there causing a scene and acting undignified.  There were at least 30 other people who started the frolicking fun who DID know the others at the service.  And that was not a pentecostal or overly showy church.  They were just believers caught up in the power of the Spirit of the moving and living God.  Like David.

So, when was the last time you threw all your inhibitions aside and let it all go for the sake of the Lord?  Have you danced in the streets for Him?  Or even in your own kitchen?  I do.  (In my kitchen at least.)  I may not have elevated myself to David's ability to march the city streets worshipping, but if you happen by my house and see me prancing, dancing, twirling and all out acting undignified for a pastor's wife - I am worshipping my God.

I will confess to you that I worry about what others see when they look at me just like the next person.  I am concerned with peoples perception more than I am with what God thinks about me.  That's a shame.  I am not free enough to act that way in my own church service.  YET.  However the Lord is freeing my spirit to show my affection for Him.  At camp I felt freer.  At YC I made a very outward display of my love for my Saviour.  I even danced in the aisles at Breakforth.  So . . .

Try it sometime.  Find a place where you feel safe and go crazy. For Him.

I will even attempt to inspire you with a little background music. Turn the speakers up, clear away the clutter - both physical and emotional - and dance for you Saviour.  Be undignified.  Go on ... let's see it!

So, what have you done for God lately?


  1. Well, it is reassuring to know that your conga line experience didn't leave you scarred !! :)
    Always appreciate your posts so much Jodi !

  2. Thanks! It is amazing what we will do when no one knows who we are!!