Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Review - You Are Already Amazing by Holley Gerth

As if the title isn't enough to make you feel better ... this book delivers what it promises.  If you only buy one non-fiction book in 2012, this needs to be it!

You're Already Amazing, Holley Gerth, 978-0-8007-2060-5
Psst . . . pull up a chair and I'll tell you a secret. You'd better lean in close for this one.  Ready?
You don't have to do more, be more, have more.
I'm sure there are security alarms going off somewhere. You should probably hide this book when your in-laws come over.
But it's true.
It's the kind of true that will change your life, set you free, and make you wake up smiling for the first time in a long time. I know because that's what it did for me. . . .
So watch out, sister. If you keep reading you just might be next.

With this heart-to-heart message, Holley Gerth invites you to embrace one very important truth--that you truly are already amazing. Like a trusted friend, Holley gently shows you how to forget the lies and expectations the world feeds you and instead believe that God loves you and has bigger plans for your life than you've even imagined.

I had to read this book much slower than I usually read review books. It was loaded with nuggets of truth my soul needed to hear.  Things like ... "As I did, it seemed God whispered to my soul, "You think you have to take what's broken and make it perfect in order to be used by me.  But I think in a completely different way.  I took what was perfect, my Son, and made him broken so that you could be whole. And because you belong to him, your brokenness can bring healing to others too."

Holley writes in a very easy, smooth manner to reach out to your heart and plant truths that can be life changing.  I believe
every woman needs to read this book at some time in their life.  She places thought provoking questions along the chapters and brief exercises to walk through the message she's presenting.  The book handles so many areas that a woman faces - who we are really, why can't I believe the message that I am amazing, my feelings and emotions, my relationships and connections, where I am going in this life, taking care of myself, and what God really wants me to remember from this lesson.  At the end of the book is a guide to take the learning deeper as a group or individual.

If you are a woman and you love God, but have struggled to feel content with who you are, how you act or behave and how you relate to the body of Christ - you need to read this book.  Holley is gifted in the heart-to-heart talks.

And if you need a little heart to heart today visit Holley on her blog and let her wisdom, gentle spirit and good-girl fun inspire you instantly. 

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And for the first time on Write With Me I have a giveaway.  A PRIZE for one lucky commenter.  Holley Gerth has given an extra copy of You Are Already Amazing to be given out on this blog. Leave a comment below and the winner will be chosen by random draw at the end of April.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad I'm catching up on my blog reading before the contest is over:):)

  2. Ooops, I missed the contest! But I am definitely going to get this book. It looks amazing!

  3. Just missed the contest by a hair Sherrinda. Sorry. But definitely do pick up the book - it is truly amazing!!