Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All things seem possible in May

May is a wonderful month.  It is where Alberta finally feels like Spring.  It is where soccer season revs up into full gear.  It is where my son and I get a year older.  (Okay, maybe not all the things are wonderful.)  However it is definitely a wonderful time to give away Write With Me's first prize.

I am pleased to announce that Heidi is the winner of the Holley Gerth book titled, You Are Already Amazing.

I am very excited to pass this book on and pray it is a blessing to you Heidi and may you discover who you truly are and who God created you to be.

For anyone else who wants a copy of the book, it is available at many bookstores now.  If you are interested in please feel free to follow these links.  These are placed for your convenience and I do not receive any benefits from placing them.
Amazon (USA)  Amazon (Canada)

Before I conclude for today I want to wish my son a great day. Today he turns 15.  Happy Birthday Buddy!

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  1. I guess if I wasn't so behind on reading your blog I would have known you had a book for me.....:)
    Thanks so much Jodi, I look forward to reading it!