Friday, December 14, 2012

Live Second Devotional Review #3

Do you want your life to be better?  Do you want to succeed? Then you need to become second.

I watched an amazing film at I Am Second for the devotional on Week 22, Day 1. It is titled Love Story.  I think Darrell Waltrip, shown in this clip, sums up what I Am Second is all about.  He talks about being at the pinnacle of success and having to let Jesus become first in his life.  (He was a race car driver.)

As I began to look at my own life and the hopes I have to accomplish, I thought there was only one area that I might be prideful and looking for success in: my writing.  Yet at a closer look, I found nearly every area in my life has a tinge of the need for success if I am truly honest.

  • I want my kids to behave right and make good choices - success in Motherhood!
  • I want to have a good marriage that is an example to others - successful marriage!
  • I want to do my best in my job so others will notice my work - success!
  • I want to have lots of good, deep friendships - success!
When I actually sat down to evaluate my life I realized it was riddled with the need for success.  That brought me to my knees again as I had to confess that need and replace it with a need for more of God. 

What about you?  Where are you harboring dreams of success in your life?

Live Second: 365 ways to make Jesus First is a great tool to help you to live second.  When Jesus is first you will experience all the success you were designed to achieve.  The right way.  Buy it for yourself and for someone on your Christmas list.  It is great for people you are trying to share the gospel with too. The readings are short, simple and dive into the basics of living for Jesus.

Live Second today!

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