Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little musical fun ...

You might not know this about me but I am a huge Jeremy Camp fan.  See this post here for more info on who he is.  Or here for a video of my favorite song and a devotional from him.

Last year, in January, I had planned a whole run of "Jeremy" posts to celebrate his arrival in Edmonton, Canada for Breakforth 2012. Unfortunately I suffered many migraines that month and posted very little - only the essentials.  You can watch Jeremy's thoughts on visiting Edmonton in this little video from his YouTube channel.

(That's West Edmonton Mall the band is strolling around in.  Also some photos from their trip to the Phillipines only hours before their concert.)

I have always wanted to still do some of the post ideas I had planned, but it felt very random without anything to report, like a concert or new record.

Now, this January I have some things to report.

  1. His new, not yet released book, titled I Still Believe, has been shipped from the publishers and will be arriving at my door any day.  I will be doing a book review post for it in February.
  2. His record label is sending out a FREE copy of his new album Reckless TO ME prior to its release date February 13, 2013, for a review as well.
I am so excited!!

Those two alone would be reason to rave on my blog about him, but I have a third (and awesome) reason to blog today. Christianbooks.com is offering a sale on the Discovering Jeremy Camp CD (which is a short CD containing six of his most popular songs).  It is a great idea if you aren't sure about investing in the whole album(s) yet.  Or if you don't know his music but like what you hear here.  And you can't beat the price.  The CD is part of the "Overstock Sale" and is being offered for $2.99.  Go get it!  (I am not sure how long the sale runs for - lots of other great stuff at great prices.)

What I love best about Jeremy Camp's music is the lyrics.  They are powerful, inspiring and honest.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Staring at this empty canvas, waiting for the next stroke of my life.  It seems to go by so fast.  Another day I've wasted wondering how it all ends up, instead of resting that it's all in your hands.  My only peace is waiting before you.     Slow Down Time
(Any one out there that can relate to that??)
Purify this tainted soul, I'm tired of living life a fool. Soften up this hardened clay, to be a servant, this I pray.     Surrender
Take this selfish heart of mine I want to give it all I've wasted too much time.  And melt away everything that's not of You.  I want to know you more, so much deeper than I do.  Completely unrestrained.       Unrestrained 
If you are interested to hear more of the heart of Jeremy Camp and his music, he has many video devotionals on his YouTube channel and on BEC Recordings channel and his own website. Here are a few direct links to help you find your way.
Slow Down Time
I Know Who I am

Have fun checking these out.

Tell me, who is an artist you really enjoy because of the message they are sharing with you.


  1. Freedom Singers - Beautiful voices to go along with their amazing story and inspiring music minstery. I did a post about them in December.

    1. Oh I agree with you on that one Linda. They are amazing.
      For anyone not sure who they are check out Linda's post at hutt-writevoice(dot)blogspot(dot)ca

      Thanks for sharing Linda.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed checking this out:). I always love the songs you post of his, but don't have many of them so I love the cheap CD idea!