Friday, November 18, 2011

You are so good to me

Yesterday our community was shook by some devastating news of a tragedy.

The morning yesterday felt off-kilter, unsettling and just plain weird when I got up.  It wasn't until 8:55 am that I received the news. Suddenly off-kilter and weird felt much better than the truth.  Any plans we had for our day were shifted in order to be there and support those who were affected the most.

Throughout the day I found myself carrying some invisible baggage.  I did not want to name it - for the pain was so close. Yet I couldn't put it down.  I felt in some strange way I needed to carry my share.  So I did.  I held it close.  I prayed for it.  I prayed about it.  I mourned.  And then I prayed some more.

This morning I still feel heavy.  I feel a new burden and it is definitely weariness.  It is born of more than two weeks of early mornings to write.  From keeping my household afloat with the usual day to day activities.  From keeping up with jobs and after school sports and dance classes for three active teenagers.  And from the disappointment of yesterday that carries a new weight - Lord let us help the other hurting ones out there.

So I did my devotional this morning and then put aside my laptop and curled up with a warm fuzzy blanket, a raging fire and Jesus. Although my body wanted to sleep, my mind needed rest and peace more.  So I let myself just rest in His embrace.

Jesus said, 'come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28
It is an invitation.  It is a promise.  And it is words of comfort to a dry and thirsty soul.

Be still and listen.

Is he saying them to you?

A song kept creeping into my thoughts as well.  It brought me a measure of peace.  I have a link for you here in case you are feeling burdened today too. (Link - scroll down to the bottom of the lyrics where there is a grey box with a play button.  Click that and a new window will open that plays the song.)

The Lord wants us to curl up in His lap and tell him when we are feeling burdened.  He wants to restore us. For that I am thankful. He truly is an amazing God.

Today my prayer is for the family and friends in our community that are mourning a huge loss.  For the ones who are wondering 'why'.  To the folks who are angry and can't understand or accept what has happened.
Lord, you are an amazing God.  You are greater and mightier than anything we can ever imagine.  It is Your desire to draw near those who are hurting, those who are feeling heavy and burdened - whether by pain or sorrow or dissatisfaction.  You want them to come to You for rest.  You love them and it hurts Your heart to see them in so much pain.  But God you are willing and able to heal those broken hearts.  Thank you.  Help open their eyes to You and Your strength over the next days and months as they try to pick up the pieces.  

I thank you Jesus for holding me today.  You are my Jesus who loves me.

Has there been a time in your life when you crawled into His lap and let His peace and rest envelop you?


  1. Jodi, I'm sorry to hear about tragedy striking your local community. Such an event rocks one's world. I remember feeling shock, sadness, and host of other emotions last year when a janitor at a local elementary school--the one my daughter had attended--shot and killed the beloved principal in his office in the middle of the school day. At times like that when nothing makes sense, I'm grateful I can turn to the Lord for solace.

  2. Thanks for visiting Keli. We can play blog tag!

    Here is the link for that posts on fear if you would like. I have a tons but here are a few you might enjoy.

    Have a great day!

  3. Jodi,
    I'm so sorry about the loss in your community. The last 48 hours have rocked a number of my friends' lives - all for different reasons - but they are all clinging to their faith for comfort.

    It is a wonderful gift and I'm grateful you have it too. :)