Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Write on Purpose ... over and over again

Everyone ends up somewhere.

But few people end up somewhere on purpose.

Those were words shared in the sermon this last Sunday at my church.  They have stuck like glue in my head, dripping into almost everything I've done so far this week.  Aside from becoming a sticky mess, they have focused me on a bigger prize.

Getting where I want to go ON PURPOSE, not by accident.

It is a perfect mantra for me this month.  It is, after all NaNoWriMo month.

HUH?   NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month.  So basically a writer has one month to write 50K words in a novel.

"For fun?", you ask.

Yes.  But more so to get somewhere on purpose.  See, a writer's life can be solitary and lonely.  In fact no one around may even be aware you are a writer unless you tell them.  Or better yet, show them a finished product.  NaNo tries to ingrain in writers a habit of writing everyday - just like a full time author would do.  On purpose.


[pur-puhs]  noun, verb, -posed, -pos·ing.
the reason for which something exists or is done, made,used, etc.
an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.
determination; resoluteness.
the subject in hand; the point at issue.
practical result, effect, or advantage: to act to goodpurpose.
Things that happen on purpose are planned.  They are intentional. They are decisive.

So this year I have decided to become intentional, purposeful and decisive.  To be formed into the likeness of an author . . . on purpose.  I started out yesterday setting my alarm for 5:30am.  I rose, ate and then spend some time doing devotions.  Then I hit the computer.  Between the hours of six and seven I wrote the quota for the day (1,667 words).  By seven a.m. I was done.

That's it, I thought to myself.  Surely it's harder than that.  So, just because I could I wrote another 500 words before I called it a night last night to finish my day one total over 2000 words.  Now I am not mocking anyone.  There are many accomplished writers out there who didn't hit their quotas.  In fact I read several post last night after 10 pm of folks who hadn't even started yet.  My point is not that it's that simply, anyone could do it.  Rather it is how amazed I am at what a little planning will do.  There were steps I took to achieve my goal.  It didn't just happen.

1.  I had to sacrifice something to get it.  In my case, something precious - SLEEP.
2.  I had to commit to my plan and then do it.  I had to set my alarm and then not throw the alarm when it rang annoyingly in my ear at that ridiculously hour.
3.  I had to be purposeful.  Instead of checking email or surfing blogs, I had to open a blank word document.

Things do just happen to us - the weather, taxes, viruses, . . . life. But one thing that does not just happen is our dreams.

Or our spiritual walk with God.  It doesn't just happen.  We have to be purposeful, intentional and decisive. I have to take the steps to get me where I want to be - closer to God.  So instead of counting words, I need to count blessings, answered prayers, scriptures that are etched on my heart and hours spent on my knees.

So if you have a dream, lay out some steps.  Do one thing today that will get you one step closer towards the goal.  Even though some goals may take years to be fulfilled - like publication, there is something I can do today that will get me a little bit closer to where I need to be for tomorrow

Baby steps - on purpose.

It isn't simple.  Or easy.  And it definitely won't happen by accident. But it can happen . . . ON PURPOSE.

If you are curious about this check out chazown.  It is a course on God's Dream for your life.  The plan He has for you ON PURPOSE.

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  1. Thanks Jodi! I am loving Chazown, but because of where I've been emotionally I find I haven't always been making some obvious connections. I appreciate you sharing this. I know in my day to day life I can be bad for going through a day with a list of things that needs to be done...but without making a plan to accomplish at least one of won't happen!