Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are there any answers out there?

I spent some of the weekend with my sister in law.  She shared with me the painful story of a dear friend of hers ... a young mother of two facing a horrific battle with cancer.  We both agreed that cancer is bad and we wish no one ever had to suffer from it, but it seems to be so much more devastating to be taking the life of a mother of two small children.
I know this woman's story is not unique.  We have another mom just like her that we are praying for in our own church.  I read blogs on the web from moms who are journalling their way through the pain. Why would God allow this to happen?
As I have been grappling with this the last two days I found my heart reminded of eternity.  I cannot place myself in this woman's shoes.  I cannot even imagine the heart-wrenching pain it is to be part of her family.  I  can't speak of such things because I have never lost anyone that close.  But I keep coming back to this question ... isn't death supposed to be the beginning?  Aren't we supposed to long for heaven?  
Please do not misinterpret me.  My intention is not to undermine any pain that comes with facing the end of a life, or facing the loss of a loved one.  This is simply the ramblings rolling in my mind.  This afternoon I heard a song on the radio that answered my questions.  It is called Where I Belong by Building 429.
I did some research on the song and the band and found this amazing devotional thought from the lead singer.  Check this out...

I realized that I live in the day - in the moment.  I know God is trying to teach me to live with an eternal perspective, but that is a very hard thing to do.  Can I truly say what this singer is saying? Is Jesus all I really want?  What about the mother having to look into the faces of her children and tell them she is dying?  Can she really say all she wants is Jesus?

So what are we do to now?

My New Year's Resolution word is eternal.  How can I teach myself and my kids to view life through an eternal lens? I wish I had an answer for you - I simply don't know.  Yet.  But I intend on seeking God to show me. 

As for this young woman I have no words of wisdom.  I have no great gems of doctrine to bring any sort of healing or peace into her agonizing situation.  But I believe I can say this ... God is not putting her and her family through this without a plan.  And I would bet His plan has an eternal focus and prize.  There is no simple (or complex) answer that makes sense and fits within our temporal world view.  We cannot explain away the desperation she must feel or the devastation her family will face in the future.

"I will keep searching for answers that are not here to find" -Building 429

But, this is not our home.  This life is not where the answer lies. Jesus is the answer.

"So when the walls come falling down on me.  And when I'm lost in the current of a raging sea.  I have this blessed assurance holding me...
All I know is I'm not home yet.  This is not where I belong.  Take this world (and all its pains and trials) and give me Jesus.  This is not where I belong." -Building 429

 So, let us fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)


  1. Thank you very much, Jodi. God has given you the wisdom to put things into perspective. The words of the song are new to me, but I will try to remember them.

  2. So true Jodi. We had a few things happen at our house today...some of which were frustrating...but when I remind myself of that perspective...they weren't such a big deal! Love the words of that song!