Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking for a giggle?

We had fun in my house last night.  My teenage daughter and I sat around my lap top listening to songs that had us falling off our chair at times.  It all started with a video of Mercy Me doing a cover of Justin Bieber's Baby, Baby hit song.

MercyMe - Baby, Baby (Cover Tune Grab Bag) from mercymemusic on GodTube.

I love the music of Mercy Me.  They have been putting forth fantastic music for a long time.  A little history on these guys to start us off.  The band was formed in the mid 1990's in Texas. Their first album with INO records introduced us to the amazing I Can Only Imagine.  This is song became an instant hit soon filtering over into the Top 40 mainstream radio play.  It won the band huge recognition and awards.  "In 2010, the song was certified platinum by the RIAA for sales of over one million digital downloads, and is the first (and so far only) Christian single to reach that milestone."  Wikipedia
(By the way, the links on the song titles will take you to the lyrics - not the videos.  Use the God Tube link or the radio link to view videos.)

Then came my favourite album of their, Spoken For in 2002. Songs like Word of God Speak, Come One - Come All, Spoken For and Go.  (Just a few of my favourites.)  The band continued on with successful albums leading up to the Generous Mr. Lovewell which houses the hit-toppers Move and  Beautiful .  If you are not familiar with this band, these last two songs are a great place to start.  Move is fun and will definitely get you moving. Beautiful is a wonderful song that stirs my heart as I think about my kids.

I found a music radio site that has a whole gaggle of videos from Mercy me if you would like to check it.  Be sure to look at another favourite of mine - Bring the Rain.

But onto the real fun that brings us here today ... the giggles in my living room.  God tube has a full set of videos that the boys of Mercy Me have done of cover songs (songs they did not write). We started with their latest one which is a rendition of the popular Baby, Baby.  Then we worked our way through their long line-up of fun videos.  The most current two include many other artists joining in on the fun.  (See how many you can recognize...).  The earlier videos are just the band goofing around.  But I will tell you my daughter and I laughed our selves silly with their antics.  So, if you need a laugh and you know your 70's, 80's and 90's rock hits - check out the Cover Tune Grab Bag on God Tube.  You won't be disappointed.

Also, call your local Christian Radio station and ask them to play the new Mercy me song, The Hurt and The Healer.  It is amazing. The new album is projected to be out in May 2012.  Watch for it.
(Couldn't find a video of the new song that was okay to post. But I found a video where Bart Millard, lead singer, talks about the story behind the song here.)

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