Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A day late ... but not a penny short!

March is here and as much as I am dying to announce from the roof tops that Spring is also ... that is wishful thinking. It is minus 25 here in Alberta, Canada this morning and we have still a ton of snow.

What I am announcing is that March is Speedbo month!  What is Speedbo, you ask? It is another writing month similar to NaNoWriMo, focusing writers to put their butt in a chair and their fingers atop a keyboard and not look up till the clock strikes midnight on March 31st. Unlike NaNo, Speedbo allows you to set your own goals, big or small, encouraging you to write with purpose and intention.

Check out the fun at Seekville Blog and be sure to comment because that's how you win prizes.

I seriously debated whether I would do it this year. I've been writing on and off but was really in a place of seeking God since the year turned over.  What did God want me writing? When? Why?  And all that jazz!

When the New Year hit I wasn't totally sure what my 2014 goals were. I floundered trying to find my 'word' for 2014. After much prayer and angst I decided that maybe this was a wait and see time for me. I didn't need a word to start out the first day of the Year, as long as I was seeking God and waiting on Him. So I waited.

And waited.

Slowly I began to hear God whispering to me "be present".

As I drove in my car, He'd whisper ... "Be present here. Don`t fuss about all that."

As I washed the dishes or folded the laundry, He'd say ... "Be present here. Don`t try so hard to sort it all out."

I am a slow learner, but I started to catch onto a theme - God wanted me to live in the moment he'd given me. My every waking second didn't need to be in preparation for the next one. That maybe it was time for me to have a year of moments.

I was reminded about the saying I have seen from time to time that 'Life isn't measured by the breaths we take ... but by the moments that take our breath away'.

So when it came time to sign up for Seekerville's Speedbo, I immediately started this internal dialogue that 'that's not taking moment by moment'; 'that's not waiting on God'; so I guess it`s not for me this year.

But here I am a day into March, sending off my email to join the group for writing mayhem throughout the rest of the month. Why?

Because sometimes God whispers to us 'wait' and sometimes He whispers to us 'now' - almost like we're in a race where timing is more important that speed. So March this year is about timing for me - not speed. I am not in a race against myself or anyone else to write a novel in a month, or write 25,000 words in a month or even to plot out a single scene in a month. I am in a race of timing - being sensitive to His whispers and being in each and every moment fully awaiting his nudge that now is the time to run!

So, anyone wanna run, wait, dream, write, hope or listen with me?

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