Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Check this site out!

I know you are expecting page two of the story, however I found a little treasure I want to share with you.

It is a website called I Am Second.  You can go right to this link or you can go to YouTube and type in 'I Am Second' in the search window and then select whatever videos interest you.

It is an organization of famous people - athletes, musicians, writers, etc - and everyday normal people - just like you and me - who live their life as second.  Instead of living for themselves, they put Jesus Christ in the first place.  It is cool.

Take a moment today or tomorrow and maybe everyday after that to check these video clips out.  I hope it catches like wildfire.

I have posted below the video by Anne Rice.  If you are unfamiliar with her, she is an author - a New York Times Bestselling author. She wrote a whole series of books starting with An Interview with a Vampire.  This was long before it was trendy to write about Vampires.

She was an outspoken atheist most of her life.  A few years back God got a hold of her heart and she returned to her childhood faith.  It caused quite a ripple to her readership because she decided not to write the same kind of books she was known for. That is a huge stand to take.  I commend her for it!  If we can all take that stand ... what a different world this would be.

My name is Jodi and I am second!

I will post the second page tonight.  For those of you are unable to comment on this site, you may follow this link to my email.  If you leave a post there, I will copy and paste it to here so it can be seen.

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  1. That's a really cool site Jodi!! I'm definitely going to be checking it out!