Monday, January 17, 2011

New Baby!

I am an auntie!  Again!  Congratulations to my brother Cale and Kristi and little Tessa on the birth of little boy, Chase Sneddon Larson!
I can't wait to meet the little tyke!

Speaking of new arrivals.  Today I purchased a book from my local Christian bookstore.  It is titled 2011 Christian Writers' Market Guide.  It couldn't have arrived in my lap at a more opportune time.  I had been nursing a slight depression over the uphill battle of publications before I even embarked on the actual path.  The task was beginning to feel like a tiny teardrop in an ocean of salt water.

However this book, which is basically a list of every publisher who is involved in the Christian market and more, opened a massive amount of doors I didn't even know were options.  The Internet is an amazing thing but it can be misleading, massive and misguided. It had lead to believe my future rested in the hands of about ten possibilities - all of which seem mostly exhausted.

Now I am holding a book of 550 pages of options.  I am feeling optimistic.  Now if I could just finish my other work so I can write!

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