Friday, January 21, 2011

I finally decided!

I knew when I started this blog that I wanted to write a story on it for you.  That plan hasn't changed, but there were some kinks to work out.  For instance, the biggest concern for me was which story to put on.  I had originally thought I would put the story that I wrote for a contest (3-Day Novel) in September.  The story was sent in very short and missing the entire subplot of the Christian message and the song.  So I knew that once it was released from the contest I would begin the rewrite.  However the contest results that were expected near the beginning of January won't be released until February.  So I had to change my mind about that.

The second hurdle is that I need to spend some concentrated time reworking the story that my sister and cousin helped me edit. That is the one that I want to send for publication, so I need to work on it.  Trying to work on two stories at once is a little more difficult.

The final concern that has plagued me slightly is the issue of copyrighting and protecting my work that I place on line.  I am new to this and perhaps a little naive.  However I knew there would be the possibility of someone taking my stories.  There are ways to protect it, but most of the places I looked into needed a complete work to be protected.  So therefore protecting the little pieces I placed on line at a time didn't seem feasible.

So after much thought and consideration  I have decided to place on my blog a story I began last August.  I only have a few chapters written but I have the rest of the story mapped out in my head.  So it gives me a chance to feed you a little bit at a time while pouring most of my energy into editing my other work.

Also, it is the only story so far that doesn't have a song attached to it.  Hopefully, that will protect my song idea for my novels until I have a chance to publish one of them.

Finally I found another blog of a very brave fellow who is writing his stories on line as well.  That helped me feel better about putting my stories on line.  (This guy is striving to write 24 novels live on line in one year.  Check it out if you dare!)

So, (drum roll please...)  I will be posting the story I have preliminarily titled Through the Eyes of God.  It is a suspenseful story about a couple lonely people whose paths cross in an unusual way.  I will be posting a page at a time - about every three days or so.  I will label the posts chapter one page one, then chapter one page two ... and so on.  That way if you miss a post you can read the one before without getting too lost.

Just remember that it is a first draft.  Be prepared for writing that is raw.  However I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Please feel free to leave comments about the story, the characters, and also the format I am posting it in.


  1. So excited that you were able to figure out a way to post one with all the privacy issues. I can't wait to read it!

  2. I hope to put the beginning scenes on this weekend while I am away in beautiful Banff!

  3. Awesome Jodi!Bring it on. I was once told many, many years ago to have proof of a work that is yours...mail it to yourself. Don't open it when it arrives. The date on the postmark is your proof. I am not sure if that is still valid for today but it wouldn't hurt to try.
    Looking forward to reading your story!