Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I love new beginnings.  A New Year entices my imagination.  The endless possibilities, the exciting twists and turns that lie before me.  That each day dawns with a chance for something new.

Well ... maybe it would if I was a character in a novel.  Instead, in my reality I am lost somewhere within the "same old - same old" syndrome.

Not that I am complaining.  My life is full.  I have an amazing family that I thank God for everyday.  I love my husband and I know he loves me.  My kids grow everyday in size and independence and of course in challenges, too.  I have a good home, a wonderful church family and a growing business.  So, my same old is not really old - just tried, tested and true I guess.

Therefore my stumbling block is not boredom but actually it is feeling like I dropped the ball.  Which is probably why I have never gotten on the resolutions bandwagon.  I never want to make them.  I avoid them if I can.  Why should I make a list of the things I didn't get right in 2010?  Or even a list of the ways I wish 2011 would be better.  Whether it is to exercise more, eat smarter, call my family and friends more or just to keep a spotless, clean house - I try as hard as I can to avoid walking that path.  These are all things I wish I had a better handle of but I know I may struggle with them forever.

So instead on focusing on my failures I want to pour my energy into the positives of my life.  I want to enjoy what is right before me.  I want to celebrate.

Now, don't misread me.  I have goals.  They just are not dependent on changing from a nature calendar to a kitten calendar on my wall.  My goals are always there, whether it is January or August.  They are fluid, flexible and ever adapting to my day to day.

But just to prove I can play along with you all I have chosen a January 2011 goal.  It is to be better at being me.

Now some of you are wincing at the fact that my goal is vague and unmeasurable, however let me show you how I plan on doing it.  (For that is surely measurable!)

First, I am guilty of being whatever I am needed to be at a given time.  A chameleon, of sorts.  I am sure many women out there are nodding.  We, as a gender, tend to wear too many hats.
Therefore the first part of my goal is make sure that somewhere in my trunk of hats is one that is only Jodi.  Not a hat for a wife, parent, friend or business owner.  Instead, it's colours are purely chosen because they are my favorites.  That the size is not too big or too tight, but is made perfectly for my head.  My Jodi hat should also be so comfortable that I can barely tell when it is on.  I lost that hat somewhere along the way in all my moves and housecleaning.  So goal number one is to find it.

Secondly, after I find my hat than I need to wear it - flaunt it - parade it around for all to see.  That is the point of this blog.  To disclose or expose what is really going on in my life.  To show off my Jodi hat.

The last measurable part of my new goal is you.  The reader, the friend along the way, the one who gets to truly see me.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Not because I want you to like what you read but because I hope you to like what you see.

So look closely - you never know which hat I will have on each day.

What goals do you have?  Let me see more of who you are.



  1. First!

    Hey cool post Jodi. I liked it!

  2. I thought when I had first looked at your blog I had signed up for the feed, but apparently I didn' now I'm catching up:)
    I love this post! I don't get into New Year's resolutions either...although last year I realized that I do want to set some goals.
    I know exactly what you mean about all the hats we wear. I think I may have lost my "Heidi" hat too.