Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My word ... it's 2012!

Did you make a New Year's resolution?  I don't like them.  I have never been very successful at them.  I wrote a similar blog at the same time last year.  (Peek at it here.)

So what is different this year?

I found a really cool way to look at the New Year.  A writer friend, Beth Vogt shared her perspective on New Years back in December on her blog.  Instead of a resolution, she picks a word.  Something that will inspire her to grow through the year, that is measurable but bigger than a simple pass or fail statement.  She inspired me to think about her idea.  A few weeks ago during a sermon I found my word.  Then - just because God is so awesome - He has confirmed it to me over and over that He gave me that word on purpose.

My word for 2012 ... eternal.

Why eternal?  I am by nature, the type of person who worries a lot.  I am afraid to make a decision in many cases because what if it affects this or that?  I play it safe too often.  Whether I am deciding something for me, my children, my future I always worry about what will the decision affect.  Or I focus on some things to point of driving my family crazy - like all the bad movies the school shows our kids and the damage that is causes.  (Don't get me started on that one!)

Our visiting missionary Lane Elliott spoke in church about the Father, Eternal.
How many of us focus on the eternal aspect of our lives on a regular basis?  It is not something that comes naturally, nor is it something we can do on our own.

Lane shared an incredible object lesson about how small my life is in the whole big picture.  It suddenly made the argument with my son over not brushing his teeth well enough for my liking insignificant.  It changed the way I stressed over the shoes I tripped over AGAIN on my way out the door that morning.  All my worries about my kids making poor decisions over friends dimmed in comparison.  Suddenly all that mattered was how much do I (or them) love God?  How many times do I (or them) make an eternal investment in His kingdom?  Are the people I love for this short time on Earth going to be in Eternity with Jesus?  How often do I focus on the things that really matter?

I was slapped in the face with my New Year's word.  I needed to take my focus off the good things and focus on the only GREAT and AWESOME things that matter.

So for 2012, I want the right perspective.  An eternal perspective. A view of my life the way God sees me.  But more than all of that, I want my kids to see life through those lenses.  Before I can guide my kids in that way I need God to change my view.  I am praying that He will bless me with an eternal focus this year.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1

Tell me, what do you think your word would be?

If you want the same inspiration I got from Lane's message, visit this site and click on the download for December 18, 2011 

Happy New Years!


  1. What a neat idea, Jodi. I'd have to give it more thought about choosing a word -- I'm thinking eternal makes a lot of sense! :)

  2. Looked at your bookshelf and all but one of those books, I reviewed and enjoyed as well.

  3. Thanks Bridgette. It is a cool idea! It wasn't my idea though. I stole it from a friend. If you check out her site you will see the other words she has used over the years and words form her commentors.

    Happy new Year to you.

  4. Linda, we must know a few of the same people ;). I am trying to finish up the 'courageous' set right now. Almost done.

  5. Jodi,
    I love your word for 2012! Actually, I thought about trading in my word (trust) for your word.
    But, God gave me the word "trust" for 2012, so I have to stick with it. But I can't wait to hear what God teaches you about "eternal" as he teaches me about "trust."

  6. I wouldn't trade your word Beth. Trust is so essential. If we don't have that we don't have anything. I like the word 'trust'. I could focus on that one for many years. Thanks for visiting.

  7. I love this idea Jodi! I don't like New Year's resolutions either. Last year Ben & I made a very few (to keep it attainable) goals individually & as a family. I liked it, but even that seemed to get "lost" as the year went on. I love the idea of having a word & putting it up around my house to remind myself of it.
    I know we're already into 2012, but I think I'll do some thinking & praying about a word to use for the rest of the year!