Friday, January 6, 2012

Book review for The Resolutions for Men by Alex and Stephan Kendrick

If you've seen the Courageous movie, you know that the men involved make a Resolution.  It is a declaration to love, protect and inspire those entrusted to them. Just in time for all your resolutions for 2012, Alex and Stephan Kendrick have put forth a book to inspire not only your New Year but the rest of your life.

The Resolution for Men is challenging, compelling and bold.  These men do not paint a soft image, they blast you with the challenge to change the status quo and "man-up".  Please don't let that scare you from reading this book.  Everyone man, young or old, married or single needs to read this amazing book.

B&H Publishing writes this about the book,
"The Resolution for Men is the inspiring book born out of Courageous, a new film by the makers of Fireproof coming to theaters nationwide in fall 2011. The movie, which presents a powerful story of strong male leadership, is an emotionally charged wake-up call to fathers whose influence upon their children and society is immeasurable. The Resolution for Men follows to challenge men of all ages to become as bold and intentional about embracing their responsibilities as leaders of their homes, marriages, and children."
You can check out a video by the authors on their book here.  I think when you listen to these men and read their work you will see the heart that is behind the words and movies they bring us.  And The Resolution for Men has lots of heart.

The book is divided into sections.  Part One is the reason behind their call for men.  The analogy of driving they use is powerful. Part Two is each of the twelve Resolutions opened and evaluated. Using contemporary stories and Bible characters, the Kendrick men succeed in exploring both sides of each resolution - what it looks like when we don't follow God's way and what it looks like when we do.  They walk each man through how to make those changes.  However Part Three is likely the best resource.  This is filled with appendices of how to truly make a difference.  It is page after page of usable and proactive information from prayers, tips on parenting, sex, pornography and accountability.

Also each chapter has a thought provoking challenge.  This allows the reader to not just read, but to interact with the information and bleed the challenge into their own lives; similar to the concept as The Love Dare, if you read that.

As a reader (and a woman) I found the book riveting.  These two men write books like they write movies - to keep you engaged by fantastic storytelling.  As the chapters progressed I did find myself overwhelmed at times with ALL the changes necessary to reach the bar they have set.  However, let me say that if you slow down your read - more like a bible study format - you would have time to digest each step of the plan.  And do not forget that the book is about a life change.  Those kinds of changes don't happen overnight.  Use the challenges as a boost, a first step to work towards the bar that has been set.  These men aren't asking anything that God hasn't first requested of men.  Our society has just drifted so far from the way it's meant to be that it feels like a long journey.

If I can do anything as a woman, a wife and a mother I want to encourage men to read this book.  My son too.  Don't read it as a 'look at all the stuff I'm doing wrong', but instead to embrace what you have been granted as head of the home.  We all were created to do something for God and once we find that path and walk in it, things actually run smoother.  So Men, take the challenge.  Read the book and to step up and fulfill your God-given role.  I will be cheering and praying for you.

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  1. Great review, Jodi! I cannot wait to see this movie!

  2. Excellent book that is a perfect read after having seen the movie Courageous. Challenges men to be better fathers and really makes you think more about what kind of father you have been. The country is in despair because we have lost sight of the lord and principles like these. A must read for those who want to be a real man.

    1. Thanks for adding your thoughts Netherland. I agree wholeheartedly!