Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review for The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer

Men are not alone on the journey to be the best they can be - the way they were created to be.  There are two lanes on this road.  I am so glad that the makers of the Courageous movie recognized that and wrote a companion book titled The Resolution for Women.  The Kendrick brothers write the introduction in this incredible book introducing us to Priscilla Shirer.  They say "as Pricilla shares her personal stories, you may find yourself laughing with her, crying with her and nodding your head in every chapter." They were right.

Women everywhere should pick up this book and challenge themselves to make a Resolution to last a lifetime - not just till February.  The book has three sections to it allowing a smooth roadmap to follow.  There are thought provoking action prompts at the end of each chapter to help the reader engage with the information.  This makes the book good for small group studies.  Shirer also encourages women to not walk this road alone - accountability and fellowship will help the changes to stick over time.

Priscilla has a soft, gentle nature that comes out in her book.  Even though she is challenging us to rise up, to embrace life, and reflect our Maker, it feels like a coffee date.  Her tone is fun and vibrant as she encourages me and you to pick up the gauntlet as a woman, a wife and a mother made by God.

Her stories are real and engaging. The chapters are easy to digest in short segments if necessary, because many women are busy. Part One deals with 'who I am' as a woman in God.  The second part is 'what I have'.  Then the final part is 'what matters to me'. Both part two and three are the breakdown of the thirteen Resolutions.

I loved this book.  I can see myself re-reading it very soon.  I also will look for other Priscilla Shirer books in the future.

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