Thursday, March 14, 2013

His Banner Over Me is Love

"Let there be no doubt about it ... God still works miracles today."

I was researching on the Internet the other day about discovering the Banner that God places on your life. I had heard a speaker a few years ago, Brad Jersak, talk about it and I wanted to dig a little deeper as I prepare to give my testimony at an upcoming Ladies Retreat.

It is a powerful concept of visualizing what God says about you and your life. I don't know enough at this time to explain it in any detail but I wanted to share with you a video I found as I researched. Grab a tissue ... it is powerful.

Disclaimer: I do not know the individual speaking or the ministry he represents. I am not offering a recommendation of any kinds. However the video is about the Power of our Living Savior and to that I can completely attest!

Also, if any of you know of some great resources regarding the Banner concept of prayer please feel free to send me a link or a name to research. Thanks.

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