Friday, November 29, 2013

Book Review of A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

Uncover the art you were made to live.

Cover ArtPublisher's Blurb:
Do you desperately fear you have nothing to offer the world but secretly hope you're wrong? 
You were born to make art. You were made to live art. You might not see yourself as an artist, but you are--in so many unexpected ways. In what you create, whether poetry or pie, sculpture or sand castle, calligraphy or conversation. It's time to uncover the shape of your soul, turn down the voice of the inner critic, and move into the world with the courage to be who you most deeply are. 
Creating a life of meaning is not about finding that one great thing you were made to do, it's about knowing the one great God you were made to glorify--in a million little ways.

This amazing little book is jammed packed with golden nuggets of all shapes and sizes ... a million different ways you can gain insight, inspiration and courage packed into this wonderful item.  Emily P Freeman has done a wonderful job of breaking down barriers, opening dark closets and sweeping out unused corners in my life from her book A Million Little Ways. A true delight.

Originally I found her poetic style of writing a little confusing and even distracting. However the more I dove into the book and allowed her whimsical flow to rest with me, the more I began to see and understand her message. It isn't a
concrete message - like facts or formulas. Instead Emily draws you to a new way of thinking like an excellent story-teller does.

Who do I think should buy and read this book? Anyone who has ever wondered, is this all I am supposed to be? Or do? Or experience?

Emily believes we all have a job to do as believers but what that "job" looks like can be expressed in ... A Million Little Ways. And, as Emily says in her book, "I can't imagine anything more dangerous to the enemy of our hearts than people who know who they are."

So often we become consumed with the practical, the minute-by-minute and the never-ending to-do lists that are the constructs of our lives. Yet, that takes our focus off God and onto us, changing us. Emily says, "I am no longer an image bearer (of God) with a job to do. I become a job-doer with an image to maintain."

This book will enlighten, enrich and entertain you beyond your expectations.  It did for me.

Emily's blog is filled with awesome and amazing ways to find your place, your soul's resting rhythm and where your art flows. Check her out at Chatting at the Sky on a regular basis or at (in)courage once a month.

If you are still not convinced, check out this one post from her blog that, to me, reflects the tone, the nature and the awe-inspiring honesty that sums up her book. Reflections from the Barn.

So, what's the art of your life?

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