Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Review of Relentless Redemption by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Inspirational & comedic speaker, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, is the co-host for the national daily show, The 700 Club Canada. Called by God to the media miraculously one night in 1999, she has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and many great men and women of faith like Josh McDowell, Pat Robertson, Tony Campollo, Dr. Gary Chapman, Bill Hybels, Patsy Clairmont, and Thelma Wells.
Over 90 of her celebrity interviews have aired on The BIOGRAPHY Channel Canada. She's interviewed Hollywood favorites Josh Duhmel and Jesse Metcalfe, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Stedman Graham and Henry Winkler to name a few. She has hosted numerous television programs over the years as well as produced and starred in her own comedy sketch show Coffee Shop Girl.
However, the real story of where she came from and the brokenness she experienced as a young woman, has never been told. Devastation so severe, she lived for years believing she would never recover and had permanently disqualified herself from her destiny.
God's relentless pursuit of her is meticulously recorded on the pages of this book. Her story will inspire and ignite you to realize no matter how tragic your journey has been, it's never too late! God has called you to a great work and the secrets to rising out of the ashes are contained in detail. Her comedic style of writing will also cause you to laugh out loud at God's vindication and outrageous Relentless Redemption.

The power of a testimony could not be summed up any better than in this book, Relentless Redemption, with it's perfect title. Laura-Lynn's story is powerful and demonstrates the Hand of God at work like so many of the Bible stories we read. Despite the awful choices she'd made and the complete mess her life was in due to her own selfishness and pride, God had a plan. A plan to REDEEM, to RESTORE and to REBUILD.

Her message couldn't ring any louder that God has a plan for you too. No matter where you are, what you've done or how unworthy you feel. Tyler Thompson talks in the book about a time she visited a recovery house for people suffering with addictions.
"You are not your addiction, you are not your failure, you are not your shame, you are not even your incredible successes. You are God's child. Created to embrace Him as Daddy. He takes your "stuff" in exchange for His power.
Feeling disqualified? Don't believe it! Feeling rejected? Don't embrace it! Feeling despair  Don't accept it! Feeling sad? Don't receive it! Feeling alone? Don't trust it. Trust in truth not feelings. The truth is you are royalty, qualified, received and entitled to joy, hope and redemption."
One thing I loved about this story and how Laura-Lynn has written it is that we often pray and ask God to intervene in our messes and our failures and mistakes. Then when our situation doesn't change we think He won't, can't or simply doesn't want to help us. Reminiscent of awesome stories like Moses wandering the desert, Abraham and Sarah waiting for a promised child or Joseph knowing God had plans greater than slavery and prison for him; this story tells perfectly that in God's timing we will see the outcome of His ever patient and capable hand at work.

The book is well written and well put together. It is an easy read that keeps you on your toes.

If you love testimonies ... read this book.
If you love a happily ever after that isn't a fairy tale ... read this book.
But especially read this book if you feel any of those things listed above. If you feel like you are stuck and will never get out ... read this book. God has made a way where there seems to be no way. I promise.

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