Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another message of Grace to the world!

I have heard about a movie lately.  It is called The Grace Card.  I must be a little behind because the trailer says it came out in February.  However it will be shown in Calgary theatres next week for two shows only.  Wednesday the 25th and Sunday the 29th.

I am posting a trailer and a link to where you can get tickets.  You should get the tickets early apparently.  They are letting people reserve tickets as well as getting them at the door - however the radio says the tickets are going fast.

My family are not able to attend this. I hope some of you can!
Tickets information here and here.


  1. Jodi,
    You aren't the only one who hasn't heard of this movie! Thanks for showcasing it.
    Now to see if I can find a showing around here.

  2. I had heard about it a while back, but had no idea it would be in theatre! Thanks Jodi!