Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter seventeen page three

Stacie and I walked out to the car port arm in arm.  We giggled at a few of the passerby-ers but mostly rattled on about all the latest news.  I felt content.  Would I ever forget meeting Quinn on the plane?  Hopefully never, but today was a new day and he wasn’t a part of it.  It was just Stacie and I and the beautiful city of Paris.

I plunked my suitcase in the grungy, packed trunk of her Green Machine car.  As I slammed down the hood, Quinn’s presence startled me.

“Sorry for startling you again.”

“Oh no.  I’m fine.”  I lied as I scrambled to slow my frantic heart.

Stacie walked up behind me for curiousity or support.

Quinn offered his hand.  “Hello, my name is Quinn Fowler.”

She quickly shook his, being wary of him.  “Stacie.”

“Bonjour Stacie.  You must be sisters.  You have the same remarkable glint in your eyes.”

“Glint, huh?” Stacie stepped in front of me slightly.

“It’s okay Stacie.  Quinn and I meet on the plane.”

She remained on security detail as Quinn began to talk.

“Cathie, I know you are anxious to begin your vacation, but I wondered if you would answer a question for me.”

“Um.  Sure.”  My hesitation was a product of Stacie finding out about my crazy conversation with Quinn and all the questions that would open up.

Quinn’s eyes bounced between Stacie and I for a moment a little wary to proceed.

“Stacie?”  I asked as I turned her shoulder back to me.  “Could you give us a moment, please.”

In Bodyguard College she was probably taught to never leave a victim alone with her assailant, as the look she gave me indicated she had no intentions of leaving.

“Just for a moment.”

She finally relented and huffed her way into her car.

“Sorry about her, Quinn.  She is very overprotective.  Although ... she did want me to meet a handsome French man.”  I’m not sure why those last words came out.

“It is a good thing I’m mostly British then.” 

Right.  It was all a silly dream.  “What was it that you wanted to ask me?”

Quinn shuffled his feet from side to side.  “Do you think ... God ... has anything else he wants me to know?”

His discomfort marbled with curiosity was endearing.  There was so much I could say.  I imagined the most incredible exchange between God and Quinn.  Tons of words came forth that I thought God would want Quinn to know.   However there was only one thing Quinn needed to hear.

“I forgive you.”

My words physically slapped Quinn.  He stepped away and grabbed for the green car.

My spirit resisted me from speaking.  There was much to process.

Finally Quinn looked back at me with moisture trimmed eyes.  “My sister says I need to give him my life.  She calls it ‘following my King’.  But I do not trust him enough to follow him.  I thought he didn't care.”

“He cares.”

He nodded, still deep in thought.

“Here’s the thing though Quinn.  You can’t follow someone you don’t know.  Before He can be your King, He wants to be your Saviour.  That’s all He wants from you.”

He shook his head in defiance. “That’s not all.”  His cheeks flexing in disdain.

“Quinn, listen to me.  Anna is not yours to give up or hold on to.  She's His.  As soon as you can process that the pain will dissipate.”

He blinked hard fighting back tears that threatened.  “Are you certain?”

“Absolutely.”  Trust me, I know.

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  1. I hope Cathie takes the time to answer all of Quinn's questions.