Friday, May 13, 2011

Chapter seventeen, page one

“Quinn, I am sorry to do this.  I wish things were different.  Trust me.”  I hung my head a moment as I grieved what was in the dream and yet would never be again.  There is no love in his eyes today.

“Try to get past the question of how I know all these things and focus on what you are to do about them.  Okay?”

He half-nodded.

“I think I have been given this information to warn you about some things.  So, I am just going to say it as if it is all factual.”  I inhaled a deep courage-searching breath.  “For starters don’t go to the pub tonight.  Dean is looking for you.  He wants his money now.”

Already I could see Quinn’s mind racing – probably asking, ‘how does she know about the pub?  Or the money?  Or who is this crazy woman?’

“Dean is going to take drastic measures over the next twenty-four hours to destroy your copies of the contract.  You know, the one you have in your safe at work and the other at your home - the one in the blue envelope.”

Quinn’s face, bent out of shape with confusion and general ‘weirded-out-ness’ slightly nodded again.

“He will burn down your house and shoot up you bakery.  So if I were you I wouldn’t open shop tomorrow.  But don’t tell Jeneau and Gregor.  It is important that they think they can still come for chocolate croissants, in order for the accident to happen.”  I had been lost in my own world for a minute and missed Quinn cover his face with both hands.  Too much information.

I reached over and touched his sleeve.  “I’m sorry.  I have never done this before.”

“Done what exactly?  What are we doing ... exactly?”

A quick prayer escaped as I considered my actions.  Had I done the wrong thing?  Maybe the dream was only to change my course and not his.  Does God want us knowing what is to come?  Does Quinn want to know what is to come? 

Quinn watched me intently as I wrestled with God over what should be next.  Finally I looked up at him and forced a smile.

“I will break it down simpler.  Dean is doing something illegal.  We aren’t sure what, but Jane is involved.  She is taking old contracts and replacing them with new and most likely false ones.  Then, Dean –“

“Wait a minute.  How does Jane know Dean?  And who is ‘we’?”

Whoa.  So much for simplier.  “Forget the ‘we’, and Jane works for Dean’s lawyer.”

He shook his head, seemingly content in his rebuttal.  “Jane doesn’t have a job.”

“She does now.  That is the reason for the dinner party tomorrow night.”

At the mention of the dinner party, Quinn stretched back in his chair.  His eyes lit up as though Someone flicked on the light switch.

Giving a slight nod of understanding, I continued on.  “All you need to do is protect at least one of your contract copies while still allowing Dean to believe he was successful in destroying them.  Then you can prove he is acting illegally.  But Quinn,”  I waited for him to catch up with me.  “Don’t spend a lot of time on it.  You need to spend your time with Anna.”

His face changed again as compassion and love and perhaps even fear filtered through the confusion.

“She doesn’t have long.”

He leaned in closer and grabbed for my hand.  “Who told you all this?”

The round table discussion began in my head.  Do I tell him God told me and watch him dismiss it all with his disbelief?  Or do I lie?  If I choose to lie, what exactly would I say?  What possible answer would make any sense at all?

His intense eyes searched mine for answers. 

Before I could answer a voice filled my own thoughts.  I have a plan for you.  A fresh start.  A new beginning.

The entire time the dream had lived in my head I hoped Quinn was my new beginning and my fresh start.  Now, as I sit across from this man who has crawled deeper into my heart than I ever imagined possible, I must accept the truth.  Quinn and I were a dream.  A good one; a dream I hope to never forget.

“God told me.”  I said.

There was no change in Quinn.  He was motionless and silent.  His face did not tell me what was happening behind his honey-golden eyes.  Moments passed.  Quinn seemed lost within his own world.  I longed to be in it with him but I refrained from moving or speaking.

He finally broke the spell and leaned back into his chair.  “Is there more?”

I shook my head.

“Hmm.  Thank you Cathie.  It must have taken a lot of courage for you to tell me those things.”  He slowly stood and reached for his small luggage and coat. 

How do I say goodbye to his man?  How do I walk away, Lord?  In defeat I offered him my hand.  “I’m glad I met you Quinn.  I am sure Mitch wishes he could have been here too.”

Quinn gently took my hand and tipped it inward placing a soft kiss on top.  “En chante, Cherie.  It was my pleasure.  Perhaps someday we can meet under better circumstances.”  He released my hand with hesitation. 

And I walked away with my red luggage, my broken heart and my memories.

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  1. Now what??? Surely their relationship does not end!!! Gotta keep reading, I guess.