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chapter fifteen, page one

We drove like a Nascar through the darkening streets to Quinn’s Bakery.  Slowly he passed in front of the building and we saw the wood boarding the windows and doorway.  There was police tape stretched across.  Quinn drove around the block and parked in the back area.  He instructed me to stay put.

 After a few steps he was out of my line of sight.  So I prayed.  Please let the envelope be there, Lord.  Please let us find something to get Quinn get out of this mess.  Please.  I believe You are in control.  Show us.

When Quinn returned to the car less than ten minutes later, his black jacket was no longer on his back, but draped over his right arm which he cradled against himself.

It wasn’t until he was inside the car with the interior light shining on him that I noticed the blood. 

“What happened?”

“I broke a window to get in.”


“My safe has been blown to bits.  There was nothing left.”  He rubbed his temples in frustration.  “That definitely happened after we left there this morning.  I did the walk about with Officer Juneau and the safe was untouched.”

He grabbed for his tie around his neck and pulled it free.  Handing it to me, he motioned for me to use it as a bandage.

Carefully I wrapped his bleeding hand while he dialled a number into his cell phone. 

I sat there in silence as Quinn spoke with the police department.  He asked for Detective Monstrat.  I wondered if that was the detective who Quinn had gone to meet earlier tonight.  Several of Quinn’s words caught my attention, but he spoke so fast I missed many more.  I think he wanted the police to go back and check the bakery.  He mentioned the window  to the Detective as he glanced down at his black, bandaged hand. 

Then Quinn snapped shut his cell phone up.   Without a word, he started his car and backed out of the alley. 

In fact we drove the entire distance to the hotel without a word.  Once the car was parked he jumped out and came around quickly to open my door.  I already had it open, but he managed to offer me his hand.  I looked up at him but his eyes were not on me.  He appeared weary.

He silently walked with me up to the room.  At the doorway, with a deep agonized breath, he tried to say goodnight to me.

“Quinn, wait.  What happens now?”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“Why don’t you come in for a little while?  You have nowhere else to go.  We can make some coffee and try to figure out what the next step will be.”

“Merci, Cherie.”  His feet didn’t enter the room when I stepped out of his way though.  He just stood there, staring at his feet.  His hands rose to his head and he gripped his hair with intensity.  Then I heard the sound of gentle sobs.

I reached for him but he stepped back.  His watery eyes looked at me.  “Has God shown you anything else?  I mean, since the fire vision.  Has he shown you anything else, even if you do not know what it means?”

There before me was the man of my visions, dressed in his new dashing outfit, crying.  There were no grave markers lining the hotel hallway, but I had seen this.  God had shown me this broken man in these same clothes earlier today.

I couldn’t hold back my own tears at the thought of what might be next.  Lord, does Anna die tonight?  Has she already?

Quinn stepped towards me and forced me towards the couch.  His touch was firm but he did not hurt me.  He sat me down and knelt in front of me.  “What did you see Cathie.  Tell me.”

“I don’t know if I can.”  I stuttered.

“You have to.  I have nothing if you don’t tell me.”  He stood and paced a few steps away.

My fervent prayers were abruptly ended when he shouted at me from across the room.  “Tell me what is next!”

In fear of what may be to come I started to tell him.  “I see you … dressed like that… standing …”.  I couldn’t go on.

He rushed to my side and gripped me tight between his trembling hands.

“Keep going.  What else did you see?”

“Oh Quinn, I am so sorry.”  I wiped my tears from obstructing my sight.  “You are at … a… graveside.”

Quinn released me and fell back onto the soft carpet.  The horror in his eyes broke every last piece in my heart.  His hands shielded his face as his own sobs broke through. 

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