Thursday, May 26, 2011


Are you lost or confused right now?  Perhaps you opened the May 25th post of Chapter nineteen, page one.  Then you clicked on anything you could find that was 'clickable', all the while wondering what happened to the rest of the page?  Where's the story?

Well, I am here to comfort you.  You are not alone!

I am sitting here wondering the same thing.   

It is gone folks.  Sorry.  But it truly is gone.  These last few days I have been wandering around in a technology haze.  My mind has been pining for a simpler time; a time when we were not so plugged in. 

I have had trouble with my email.  My server and my internet.  My phone decided to drop every call that came in and then my computer decided to shut down without saving.  Ah, a simpler time when I didn't have to be so plugged in.

So, here it is -

my short lived trip into the past.  Let's see who can keep up with me.

- .... .   ... - --- .-. -.--   .. ...   --. --- -. . .-.-.-

..   .... .- ...- .   - ---   .-. . .-- .-. .. - .   .. - .-.-.-

Did anyone understand that?

It says ... the story is gone.  I have to rewrite it.  I am sorry.  I had been trying to stay about two or three chapters ahead of what is posted but now I am not.  Not only that but it may take me about a week to get back to where I can finish the page you are left standing on.  (More on that later.)

So I am here to tempt you with something else.  A morsel to appease you and beg for your patience.  Are you up for it?

I saw that head nod - even though it was barely visible because you are devastated to be leaving Cathie groping in her own mire of lost-ness.  Hang in there.  I guarantee you this.  If you have been enjoying the story this far I will not disappoint you with the ending. God is always good and he never leaves us hanging for long.

So in the mean time ... how about a teaser and a short story?

That was a head nod again, wasn't it?

While we gather our senses, here is a song to keep you encouraged.  It is 'my' song.  Each of my stories have a song but this one is mine.  It speaks to my heart and it speaks from my heart.  You even get a little nugget at the beginning of hearing the lead singer's take on how God knows out todays, our tomorrows and every little detail about our lives.

I could blog for a week about what that songs is saying in my life but instead I have some special things planned for you until I can get back on track with our Cathie/Quinn story.

So stay tuned ... tomorrow will be a special post of a story beginning I have written for a contest.  I will introduce you to two new characters I hope you will fall in love with.  It is 5000 words, so I may spread it over a couple of days.  I haven't decided yet.

Then after the weekend I have a special guest joining our small little piece of blog heaven.  You will love her.  I know I do!!


  1. I too was confused Jodi:) Sorry you have to rewrite it (darn technology!). I'll try to wait patiently to read it:)
    Love the song!

  2. I will try to wait patiently for the rest of the story. I enjoyed the story very much. I think you were looking for ways to beef up the story—I would like to know more about Anna, her life and her relationship with her brother. Even Stacie and Cathie's relationship prior to Cathie's visit would be a good filler. When Cathie meets Anna, she would likely see her with a bluish grey tinge to her body,her voice would likely be weak and tremulous, hard to hear, breathing would be irregular and with effort and her hand would feel cool and clammy to touch. I will try to keep up a little better now that I am almost caught up. luv mom