Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Review - Angels are for Real by Judith MacNutt

Angels Are For Real: Inspiring, True Stories and Biblical Answers

Publisher's Blurb:

Angels have been, and will continue to be, a vital part of God's Kingdom--from creation to Jesus' birth and ascension to the end of days. Throughout the ages they have been messengers, protectors, healers, comforters and more to the people of God. Sometimes their presence is as subtle as a whisper of wind, other times as visible as the sun.
In this accessible, comprehensive and encouraging guide, Judith MacNutt pulls back the curtain on these intriguing heavenly beings. She offers insight and many stories of miraculous encounters, revealing what the Bible says about
• what angels look like
• what they do
• why they are important in believers' lives
• the heavenly hierarchy
• what fallen angels are

This book was a joyful read filled with informative and interesting stories.  I appreciate that the author backed it all up biblically.  The topic of angels is a delicate one - with often more questions than answers.  However I feel confident Judith satisfied my curiosity of the supernatural realm.  She has accomplished the goal she set out to do.

I also appreciated the easy lay out of the book.  A reader can take it in in small chunks if necessary and still absorb the content without feeling lost.  I recommend this book to others who are interested in learning about if Angels are for Real.

You can learn more about the author here at her website. Christian Healing Ministries is focused on reaching people and teaching people about the healing power of God through prayer. Check it out!  You can also order the book directly through their websitesupporting the ministry as you do.

I received a free copy of this book from Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.  I am not required to review it favourably.

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