Friday, May 11, 2012

I can`t remember the moment it happened ...

The other day I drove my son to his work place and was caught off guard.  In an open space next to the A&W there have been workers building a hotel for a few months.  At first it was just a pile of dirt and equipment.  Then it was a clatter of noise that interupted the A&W drivethru.  Then all of a sudden, it became a framework.

Where before was only a hole and a mess of lumber and tools, was now a discernable hotel.  It isn't ready for visitors yet, but there is no mistaking what they are building.

Now, I hope you don`t think I am way too simple.  I knew they were building a hotel all along, but until the frame went up it didn't become very real to me.  It also was amazing how fast it transformed once they had the foundation built.

It got me thinking.

God is always at work.  He is working at rebuilding my heart and reforming my mind.  Yet, I can't see Him work.  I can't point out the pillars or trusses.  NOT until the foundation has been laid.  NOT until the basement is in place.

1 Corinthians 3:11 reminds us that the foundation we stand on is Christ Jesus.

This is why I found the hotel image so impacting.
For as many years back as I can count I have had an issue in my life.  It weighs me down and seems to steal my joy.  I have reluctantly carried it around with me assuming it was my "thorn" to bear.  I gave up years ago praying for God to take it away.

I will admit my last four months have been burdened with other things.  I have two dear and precious people in my life that are in deep pain.  My quiet times, prayers and dreams have been focused on them both at different times.  I have been consumed with them.

A few morning ago in my own devotional time, I was prompted by my He Is My Freedom workbook to list the one area in life that God is still working on - that I hadn't seen any progress in.  When I went to write it down my hand stilled.  It was not there sitting on the tip of my tongue any more.  My 'thorn' that I've carried around for YEARS was missing.

I paused my study to pray and God rested his thoughts on my heart.  'Dear child I wanted You to seek me and trust me.  You held so tight onto your pain that I couldn't take it away.  Once you let go of your tight grip I was able to begin the transformation. While you weren't looking I built a new foundation under it.  Me.'

I`m not saying that because I stopped praying and focusing on my problems that God finally fixed it them.  He didn't.  He changed my focus and then in the absence of my constant gaze He build something new.

Do you have a long time burden that needs releasing?  Trust His capable hands, Friend.


  1. Good thoughts. Can I use that someday?

  2. Love those thoughts...
    Makes me think of a devotional that Ben & I did years ago for the youth...using his forms, etc that he uses to build foundations. The way you put it makes it come alive for me though...thanks..