Monday, May 28, 2012

To clean or not to clean ...

Last week I was training at a new job.  We were cleaning.  As I followed behind, mimicking the moves of my trainer I started to notice the dirtiness of the walls that she was wasn't even noticing. So I began to wipe the walls as we went along slowing our progress slightly.  Finally the woman said, 'don't get distracted by the finger prints on the walls.'

Isn't that odd - my job was to clean.  Why shouldn't I clean the walls?  Why is getting 'distracted' cleaning the walls a bad thing?

I inquired out loud, with her simple answer being, 'Today is not the day for walls'.  Still slightly bewildered, I carried on learning from her and sneaked in a few wall wipes here and there when she wasn't looking.

Today, I am astounded at the lesson God is teaching me about purpose.  'Child, today is not the day for that', He gently massages my heart.  I thought back to my rushed and haphazard attempts to wipe "some" of the smudges and hand prints.  Feeling justified at the time for doing the extra cleaning does not erase the sting of Truth today.   Not one single wall I stealthily wiped is actually clean.  I never wiped from floor to ceiling, and corner to corner.  So in fact, I did not succeed in cleaning any walls - only slowing down and distracting from my true duties for the day.

See, the woman training me said there is a day when we come in and ALL we do is clean walls.

Oh Lord , please forgive my divided heart.  Are there any other areas in my life that I have been become distracted by something, stealing my attention from my true purpose?

If you prayed that with me, are you feeling flooded with guilt and emotion at the many things that popped into your head?  Don't.

Our journey with God is not about guilt ... it is about a slow and steady process.  It is about learning where to clean and when by listening to His still, small voice.  So, do this with me.  Whatever time of day it is where you are, ask God to enlighten you to the job He has for you now.  Ask for Him to remove the distractions - for there may come a day when it is your job is to deal with those areas.  Then do what the Lord lays on your heart to do with all your focus and do not be swayed by other things - popular opinion, shoulds and woulds, or even things that are good to do. God will not lead you astray.  It is Satan who fumbles us by distracting us from the right thing (God wants from us) to do other really good things.  But there is only one thing God wants you to be doing now and that is what is BEST.

Maybe today isn't wall cleaning day.  Maybe tomorrow or next weeks is.  Instead, today's purpose is ....

Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress. Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.  1 Timothy 4: 15,16

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