Friday, May 18, 2012

What your dog taught me about my God part two

Previously I wrote  a lesson I learned from babysitting a friend's dog about being content with where you are.  You can read it here.

Today, let's look at another aspect about taking care of Shiloh.  She loved my attention.  Too much.

Maybe you are a pet owner, so you know this already, but I wasn't prepared for my new best friend.  See, we own cats.  (Need I say anymore??)  Cats don't follow you around, waiting on baited breath for your tiny morsel of attention.  In fact, you either have to chase a cat down to show them affection or feed them.

Shiloh was less concerned with when or how I fed her than with where I was and if I knew she was there.  In fact I heard myself over and over again say words I haven't uttered since my children were preschoolers.  "Please go play somewhere else so Mommy can get some work done."  Did you ever say those words?  Do you say something similar to your dog today?

Shiloh was at my heels everywhere I walked.  She sat at my heels wherever I sat.  Every time I move my position she would look up from her nap to see what I was doing or where I was going.  I tripped over her, stepped on her feet or tail and even skidded her across the floor once when I moved very suddenly.  I was so unaccustomed to this attention that at one point I ran into the bathroom, slammed the door quickly behind me and taunted the dog,  "haha Shiloh, you can't get in here!"  As soon as it dawned on me that she still won - she would be right behind the door until I came out - I recognized that was not one of my better moments.  (Don't judge!)

What did I learn by the end of the ten days?  That I am being followed every day and to every place already.  I am not being stalked.  I am being pursued.  God is always waiting for me to talk to Him, or spend time with Him or let Him be a part of my day.  He watches my every move, lovingly, to see where He can fit into my day. 

Do I acknowledge Him there, or do I try to run to my room to hide from His presence?

Once I saw this and understood it, the best part of all
was the 'happy dance' Shiloh would do when I gave her my attention, or when I walked in the door and acknowledged her waiting there for me.  She would bounce, spin and wag her tail in complete and utter joy.  It was so simple to satisfy her need for me.  It did not cause me pain, disrupt my day or overwhelm my spirit to offer her the one thing she needed and wanted.  Me.

It is the same with God.  I could picture His total joy when I grab my Bible and my journal and curl up on my couch to be with Him.  I could imagine His smile as I speak to Him whenever I notice He's with me during my day.  And when I walk through the door of His temple and I acknowledge His presence, as He is waiting for me, I can see His pleasure.

God loves your attention.  Do you give it to him?

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  1. This topic has been in my journal a couple of times lately....I have my regular time set aside, but most of the time it's much too short. I want to spend more time with him...