Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What your dog taught me about my God

My family likes to babysit animals for people when they go away ... and NO that is not an advertisement!!!

Recently we watched a dog for friends while they took a family holiday.  It wasn't the first time we took their dog and probably won't be the last time but it has been the most interesting time so far.

I learned a few things from our friend, Shiloh.  She showed me a few lessons about my relationship with my Father God.

The first lesson was that change can be hard, but valuable.  As soon as our friends carried Shiloh into our house carrying her bed, her bowl and her leash she became nervous.  When usually she's happy to see me she only wanted her owners.  I had to hold her in my arms as they walked out the door.  Afterwards, the dog wandered around our home, only partially her usually bouncy self.  For a day and a half, she didn't eat or drink.  We knew this about her.  She has been in our home before but for only a day or two at most.  I was a little concerned to see when, or if, she would start eating.  This time her family would be away for ten days.

After the majority of the second day was over, I noticed Shiloh was
eating, snuggling on our laps, following me endlessly everywhere and excited to see us walk through the door.

Now, not to dismiss the connection she has with her 'real' family, but I was amazed to see her adapt so well.  Shiloh just accepted where she was.  We were feeding her, walking her, and loving her up.  And that was enough for her.

I caught myself wondering all through the time we had her, 'does she miss her family'?  'Does she want to go home?'  'Is she happy?'

I got to thinking about the times God has uprooted me in my life.  When circumstances have changed my landscape, do I adjust?  Do I accept it?  Is His providence enough for me?

I would have to say that HAS NOT been my experience?  Now, I'm not the one to throw a tantrum ... but I have to admit I would be a little mopey, not eating, and embracing the new experience.  But most of all, I'd be trying my best to keep my chin up UNTIL things return back to the way they should be.

Is that you?  Are you a good adjuster or a bad one?  Do you bloom wherever you are planted?

Stay tuned for a few more lessons your dog taught me about my God ... coming up.

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  1. Although it's something I've been working on...I'm not a good adjuster...and at least one of my kids is the same way. That's been my struggle is to model it for him...