Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What your dog taught me about my God part four

I have cats.  Two to be precise.  Leo and Scraps are a big part of our family even though they are outdoor cats.  They sit at our patio doors and watch us day in and day out.

When our guest dog, Shiloh arrived the cats were a little peeved I think.  I could just imagine the meows translated into, 'why does she get to be inside?'  'Why are you snuggling with her on your lap instead of me?"

However the most intriguing part to me was that Shiloh felt the (ingrained?) need to protect us from our own cats.  Whenever they would appear at the window she would get her fierce, protective bark on and attempt to crash through the the glass to chase them off.

Now I know dogs chase cats - that is life right?  But what I didn't expect was the intensity with which Shiloh needed to accomplish this.  When she would bark, we would tell her to stop.  When she charged the windows, we would stop her and reassure her they were not a threat.  We would hold the cats in front of her to help ease her worry.  But none of it mattered.  Shiloh needed to protect our home from our own cats.  She had a job to do.  No exceptions.

That got me thinking ...
  • Do I know my 'job' and am I willing and prepared to carry it out with abandon?  
  • Am I willing to do what I have been called to do even if others think I shouldn't?
  • Can I carry forward listening to my inner calling when I am chastised or punished?
  • Do those around me know without a doubt what my life stands for?
I understand that Shiloh may have been chasing my cats out of instinct.  Yet, that doesn't excuse me.  I have an instinct in my life - a basic need for a loving God to lead and guide my life.  Do I recognize it and fulfill it?  God made an easy way for us to find Him and to surrender to Him.  He sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins so that we would have no reason to say, 'I can't' or 'I don't know what to do'.

If you are struggling to find what your job is - what He wants you to do with no exceptions, then ASK HIM.  He wants to lead you where you should be.  He wants to show you the amazing, awesome and unpredictable future He has in store for you.  To be the YOU He created.

Having Shiloh in our home has been an eye-opening experience for me.  God wants me to trust Him, love Him and rely on Him alone.  He has a job for me to do and I must push forward in it - no matter what others say or do.  It is ingrained in my soul. I am blessed.  Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Shiloh.  You are welcome back anytime!

Here is a little toe-tapper to put you in the mood to follow Him in 'being' and 'doing' exactly the way He wants you.

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  1. Well Shiloh, Jodi obviously had an interesting and enlightening time with you. But can't say the same for the feline fur balls.